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Become A Personal Trainer- Private Personal Training Rules

Become A Personal Trainer- Private Personal Training Rules

If youre a fitness nut, and you think that you have the ability to be at least moderately motivational, you might want to become a personal trainer

. Think about it for a second; how many people are actually happy in their boring sedentary desk jobs? Not only do many people hate their crappy jobs, they sit around and get fat while doing them. Frequently, such people will promise themselves that theyll go to the gym after they get out of work, but then theyre tired. Workouts are easily ditched, and excuses are made at a rapid pace.

Well, while you might end up taking a slight pay-cut, you can eliminate the inability to get to the gym by working IN THE GYM. Its an interesting thing, on a day when Ive trained 5 people, I find myself to be physically exhausted. Just by demonstrating exercises and being physical all day, I end up working out without even intending to work out.

I end up doing ab work with every person that I train; 5 minutes each time is more than enough. After a full day, Ive done a lot of ab work. This obviously makes me strong, keeps my stomach in shape, and helps me to set a good example for the people with whom Im doing abs. Its crazy that I actually make money for getting my workout done.

My job is truly awesome. Im glad that I made the decision to become a personal trainer. I end up laughing for the majority of my sessions. I make people do a bunch of physically challenging stuff, some of it even designed just to make them feel silly.
Become A Personal Trainer- Private Personal Training Rules

Sometimes Ill ask my trainees to do sprints and then make them salsa dance while they catch their breath. Its really funny. Theyre too tired to think correctly about their salsa, which isnt good to begin with, and they just look ridiculous because of their preexisting fatigue. I laugh hysterically, and laughter is contagious. If you have a good time being a personal trainer, your trainees will have a good time training with you.

Its important to love what you do, all silliness aside. That said, just because you love to work out, doesnt necessarily mean that youre going to like becoming a personal trainer. You need to enjoy being a high energy and motivational person. This also does not imply that youre going to be working with trainees that are easily motivated. While you might personally have an unstoppable work ethic, you will quickly realize that not everyone approaches fitness with the same vigor.

Youre going to work with trainees that irritate the crap out of you. At times it will seem like they dont even want to work out. Sometimes they are just going through the motions. Maybe they had a bad day, and maybe theyre tired, but they have shown up and now you have to get them tired in an hour.

This stinks. You will find that the less energy trainees have to give you, the more of your energy will be required to get them through it. I end up yelling, screaming, and doing the workout along side of them to get them motivated. It is truly frustrating. Patience is a necessary virtue for any personal trainer.

The best training sessions make your job a gift. This typically happens when you have a trainee that really WANTS to workout hard and brings their own motivation to the table. They are serious about improving themselves, and this is why they hired you. They are not just there for you to drag them through another workout.

During these sessions, you will find an electricity in the air. You will notice that youre more creative than usual, you will come up with new workout ideas, and your trainees will feed off of your energy the same way that you feed off of theirs. When its all over, you will know that the session went extremely well and the time will have flown. Your student will be extremely appreciative for taking the thought process out of the workout and for motivating him or her to work hard. This is the job at its best. It makes the job easy and entertaining.
Become A Personal Trainer- Private Personal Training Rules

Obviously this is a job, so money is a factor. Most entry level personal training positions are not going to pay exceptionally well, but typically even the worst will give you about 25 dollars per hour. In the greater scheme of things, you could do a lot worse. As you collect certifications, build clientele, and become higher in demand, gyms will raise your pay (as well as the amount they charge your trainees)! I never liked working in someone elses facility, and I never did it for long.

I always found that only receiving a fraction of what someone is paying is just not right. Ive worked at gyms where they charged 90 dollars per hour for my training and only gave me 25 of it. That is ridiculous, and I was more than aware of how unfair it was. I prefer to work from my home as a trainer. All you need is some equipment and a room. Then you can charge 40 or 50 bucks per hour, keep all of it, and you actually save your trainee a considerable amount of money. They can get better results, because they can train with you more. Now that is a win win situation for sure.

If you are going to become a personal trainer, do it on your own terms. Keep a high degree of freedom, refuse to be owned, and make sure you make the time to work out. By training yourself, you will continue to innovate and have new info and techniques to give your trainees. This job has the ability to be the best on the planet, but its going to take some experience and some practice. Once you get used to it, it will be hard to believe that you get paid handsomely for this stuff.

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