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Beaver Creek Homes

Beaver Creek Homes

People interested in finding free house info on Beaver Creek homes located in the small community in the Yukon will have to search quite thoroughly

. Beaver Creek home owners looking to sell might have to search just as hard for how-to-sell home tips because the peaceful and serene town located closest to the Alaskan/Yukon border on the historical mile 1202, is home to approximately only 100 individuals.

For the chosen few who have their heart set on moving to Beaver Creek where unspoiled natural beauties and astonishing wonders await, the cost of living could be a deterrent. Beaver Creek itself is a very rural community and because of this dont expect to have many modern amenities similar to larger booming metropolitan areas or even small towns.

For instance mail is delivered only three times per week and banks are only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Electricity for all of Beaver Creek is provided through diesel generators. With such a small population, it will also come as no surprise that there are only three gas stations available in the entire community.

However, not all is doom and gloom in Beaver Creek. Summer temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius, but usually plateau at a comfortable 23 C. Snow enthusiasts that cant get enough of the natural white powder will also be thrilled to know that snowfalls can be expected as early as October, but remember to pack your best winter jacket!

With the Yukon government intending to ramp up its tourism based economy through the appeal of the great outdoors unspoiled by man, residents can expect a very modest rise in business opportunities. The influx of tourists will still most likely be making a pit-stop from driving along the Alaskan highway through to Whitehorse and other beautiful and popular Yukon tourism destinations.

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Beaver Creek Homes