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Barking Problem Among West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons

Barking Problem Among West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons

Being part of the terrier group and having ancestors that were bred to hunt and kill vermin

, it is not unusual if west highland terriers display so much energy and courage especially to protect their families in circumstances they consider as threat. Excessive barking is not unusual as well. While it is normal for a dog to bark to warn his human and ward off enemies, some west highland terriers may tend to bark more compared to others.

When your pet's bark is starting to annoy you... and probably your neighbors, the moment has come for you to do something to solve this disturbing problem. To come up with the most appropriate and effective solution, the initial step that must be done is to determine the main cause of the problem. Find out why your dog barks excessively!

A dog may bark to passersby or to the delivery guy who comes to your house regularly. Children playing across the road, speeding cars or the sound of the lawn mower coming from the neighbor's are also possible causes of your dog's barking. If they're sick, hungry or want something, the best way to inform their owners about it is to bark. It is obviously their way to communicate.

If the bark is accompanied by occasional whimper, you may want to check your pet's temperature, temperament and other physical irregularities. He might be in pain or is not feeling well and needs you to provide proper medication. If your dog is alone outside, chances are, he does not want to be alone, bored or it's too hot or cold where he's located. You may want to transfer him to a more comfortable location and with companions if possible. If it's impossible for him to have companions, better leave the radio on to prevent him from feeling alone. Providing toys is also helpful in solving canine barking problem. Chew toys, interactive toys, plushed and stuffed toys are great in keeping a dog interested therefore prevents him from barking due to boredom.Barking Problem Among West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons

Some dogs develop barking problems due to lack of socialization. To prevent your puppy from barking to your regular house visitors; neighbors, friends, delivery guy or mailman, proper introduction would be helpful.

Whatever the cause of your dog's barking, remember that shouting "no!" or hitting him can make your dog more excited (thinking that you're also barking or playing) and will only make matters worse. Instead, owners are advised to issue one-word command such as "enough" or "stop" in a firm manner, bearing in mind that this command must be used consistently in order to modify your pet's behavior.

About the author

Richard Cussons loves various dog breeds such as the west highland terriers. He created to help dog owners with their west highland white terrier training.

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