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Ballard Dentistry With Exceptional Treatment Options

Dr. Caden Ngo, a Ballard Dentist is famous for his gentle techniques contradictory

to the general harsh dentistry picture. An updated lab and an immensely talented soft behaved doctor can remove your entire dental related phobia. There are certain successful ways to restore the tooth which is very important such as use of remieralizing agents in place of drilling and filling which on the later stage will require more medical support and the mercury filling is also not good for health as per certain latest research. So Dr. Caden never uses the mercury based filling materials in his Ballard Dentistry. Out of a number of adverse reasons, if it is required to remove the mercury filling than the mercury amalgam release, mercury contaminated vapour and dust which is very bad from the health point of view. As per Dr. Caden these mercury contaminated dust is equally harmful for the doctor also, as there is a maximum chance of inhaling this contaminated air so for the protection of the patient and himself he uses high-water mist, high-evacuation system in addition to dental dam with its proper clipping from the utmost safety point of view.

A proper pH level is essential for the maintenance of a good health. As per the pH study in humans the normal level varies such as the pH level of Tear is 7.1, Sweat is 4-7, Saliva is 6.4, Gastric acid is 2 and Blood with 7.4. In general pH is a scale that represents the acid or hydronium ion and the alkalinity or caustic percentage. So anything less than 7 is acidic where as an addition will be basic. As a Ballard Dentist Dr. Caden understands the importance of pH balanced water to maintain proper oral hygiene. He uses Kangen water which lowers the pH of water to 2.5 where bacterial growth is not possible. Kangen is a Japanese device which can lower the pH level of any ordinary or tape water up to a certain level where the danger of bacterial infection will not exist.

The best thing about Dr. Caden Ngo is, his point of view means he does every possible step to save the originality of a tooth rather pull it out which may be a quite easier way of approach. These things make his medical skills exceptional and that brings all the fame for him. For an instance in a case of early cavity which means the damage is only on the superficial layer or in other words if the cavity is still free from the dentine level than it can be saved with his special remineralizing agents without any drilling or filling. Similarly he uses biofriendly composite resin material in place of root canal treatment option.

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Ballard Dentistry With Exceptional Treatment Options