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Bad Effects Of Tanning Beds: Don't Look Like An Alligator Handbag

Bad Effects Of Tanning Beds: Don't Look Like An Alligator Handbag

The bad effects of tanning beds are well known

, it's just that a lot of people don't care. It's just like everyone knows that cigarette smoking is bad for you yet millions of people still smoke. The fact is, these effects have been preached over and over but the industry isn't going away any time soon. Tanning salons will continue to thrive as long as people want a deep, healthy tan that helps them look and feel better.

One of the main bad effects of false tanning is its effect on your skin. Tanning too frequently and for too long can cause your skin to become leathery looking. After too long, your skin gets to be the consistency of an alligator handbag. This is not what many people would call attractive. However, you can protect yourself from these effects by following a few precautions, educating yourself and asking a lot of questions from those in the know.

Tanning Salon Workers Are Often Certified And Educated On The Dangers

Many people who work in tanning salons have been forced to take classes and obtain certification. They have been well educated on the bad effects of tanning beds and what to do in order to prevent these effects from taking hold. They know what lotions you should use, the proper eyewear you should use and they know about how often and how long you should stay in the tanning bed, depending on your skin type.

You see, different people have different skin types. Some people tan very easily and some, no matter how long they spend in the tanning salon, don't tan at all. Some just burn. However, the people who work in the salon will be able to determine how you can get the most out of your tanning experience and how you can reduce the side effects.

Don't become one of those people who ruins their skin forever because they abused their tanning bed usage. Use your head, ask lots of questions and educate yourself as much as possible on what could happen to you.

So, the next time you tan, use the right lotion, use the proper eyewear, don't go for too long and don't go too often. You can maintain a youthful, healthy glow without jeopardizing your health. The bad effects of tanning beds may be well known but people will still go as long as there are tanning salons to go to. Reduce your chances of harm and you'll look and feel great for a long, long time.

by: Eddie Lamb
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Bad Effects Of Tanning Beds: Don't Look Like An Alligator Handbag