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Bad Breath Cures, The Facts

No matter how much we gargle or floss or brush

, we still have those germs in our mouths that make our breath smell revolting.

Why we get bad breath

Basically, bad breath happens because of bacteria that produce sulfur. They live on the tongue and in the throat and they are part of your natural system, so you should not try to get rid of them.

They are meant to help digestion in that they break down proteins, which you get in food, phlegm, blood and mouth tissue.

Now and then these bacteria break down those proteins really quickly and then the amino acids in proteins give you bad breath or halitosis.

The bacteria "eats" the proteins in the mouth and releases sulfur compounds as it does and as long as you ignore this, your breath gets more and more stinky.

Dispelling bad breath myths

You have to understand that this bacteria that is causing you grief is not a sign of bad health or poor oral hygiene. It is not a disease or affliction. You can't catch bad breath from other people.

Your breath is bad because your bacteria are working too fast on digesting your proteins.

How to stop bad breath

Slow down how fast your bacteria are working and you'll fix the bad breath problem.

To do this you need a system to keep your breath fresh, your mouth clean and your teeth healthy and plaque and cavity free.

Be a bit patient, but the effort is worth the reward of a genuine bad breath cure.

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