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Great Britain's Crown Jewels

Great Britain's Crown Jewels Author: KendallThe British Crown Jewels are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in all the world. This includes all te regalia and vestments worn by the Kings and Queens of the UK during the coronation ceremony and other important events. This article is about the famous pieces making up the British Crown Jewels. Hope you enjoy it! Crowns There are a number of crowns included in the British Crown Jewels. St. Edwards Crown is the first. This...more

It's official Luvs suicidal

It's official Luvs suicidal Author: vonda g. nelsonOh what a mess...... I must express via Articles base a pen and this paper. For it's been so more sad songs, to my emotions I'm held prisoner for my ego could not contend with her.. Never knew that something so twisted existed, Luv (luring unwanted victims)--- L-O-V-E what's the difference? as far as I could recall, there wasn't any to me, cause whenever I said it, it was nothing more than a...more

The Spirit's Effective Call – Irresistible Grace

The Spirit's Effective Call – Irresistible Grace Author: Ralph E. Bass, Jr.Each member of the Trinity participates in the work of salvation.  The Father elects, the son redeems, and the Holy Spirit applies the work of Calvary to those elected by the Father and redeemed by the Son.  This doctrine is sometimes called Irresistible Grace.  What this means is that all those that the Father elects, and the Son redeems, those will certainly be brought to faith by the calling ministry of the Holy Spirit.  None for whom Christ died will be lost.   The Westminster Confession of Faith addresses the subject of the Spirit’s effective call in these words.  “All those whom God has predestinated unto life, and those only, He is pleased, in His appointed and accepted time, effectually to call, by His word and Spirit, out of that state of sin and death, in which they are by nature to grace and salvation, by Jesus Christ; enlightening their minds spiritually and savingly to understand the things of God, taking away their heart of stone, and giving unto them a heart of flesh; renewing their wills, and, by His almighty power, determining them to that which is good, and effectually drawing them to Jesus Christ: yet so, as they come most...more

Don't Get Stuck With The Wrong Pair Of Nighttime Driving Glasses

Don't Get Stuck With The Wrong Pair Of Nighttime Driving Glasses Are you having trouble maneuvering your car through the bright lights of heavy traffic at night? Many people are finding relief thanks to nighttime driving glasses.Glare from the headlights on cars and trucks can make it tough to see at night. This is prevalent now more than ever with so many lights currently on vehicles like headlights, fog lamps...more

Discover How To Choose The Best Auto Shipping Company

Discover How To Choose The Best Auto Shipping Company When you are shifting interstate or overseas and you need to ship your car there are many things that you need to consider. Your vehicle is undoubtedly one of your costliest possessions and you should do some research beforehand to minimize risk to your car and make the auto shipping goes smoothly.The cost of the auto shipping is obviously an...more

Must Do The Math- 'only 100 Calories'

Must Do The Math- 'only 100 Calories'  In the ongoing 'battle of the bulge' era, company after company has profited from those who have bought into their sales pitch for one product or another. A creative marketing strategy of late is the number of food products released, packaged to contain only 100 calories - that's only '100 measly calories' to allow you to feel self-righteous even while indulging. But have you ever taken time to do the math? What math you may ask? Well before we talk about that, let's review a few of the basics of weight gain and weight loss. The amount of energy contained within food is reported in a unit of measure called the 'calorie'. Many governments require food manufacturers to include nutritional labels on their products reporting the energy value of the food. This allows you to know how many calories a serving of that food would contribute to your intake for the day. With respect to calories, scientific studies have found that one pound of weight is equated to 3500 calories. Therefore if you want to gain one pound you need to take in an extra 3500 calories or create a deficit of 3500 to lose one. So now back to the question about whether you've...more

10 Reasons Why Boxing "rocks"

10 Reasons Why Boxing Boxing specialist Glen Walsh brings boxing to personal trainers as an alternative method of cardio-vascular training that is guaranteed to be fun and safe while still providing all the benefits of a fitness workout...Here are 10 Reasons why Boxing...more

Aloe Vera, It's not just a Plant

Aloe Vera, It's not just a Plant Author: Melanie NaderAloe vera is a plant that has been around for centuries. It is a perennial plant that has leaves filled with a yellow gel like substance that can be used for organic medicinal purposes. It can be found in very warm climates such...more

Save Me Money and I'll Buy from You

Save Me Money and I'll Buy from You Author: Hamilton WallaceRight now, people want to know how what you sell can save them money.  Your marketing message needs to demonstrate this head-on.  Period. I don't mean price.  I mean saving money.  I mean creating value that far...more

Glimpse of hope for Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Glimpse of hope for Alzheimer's Disease Patients Author: Lenneice DrewA drink that helps those who have Alzheimer's may soon be on the market  According to CNN, scientists looked at 225 patients who had mild Alzheimer's, according to an examination. Some took the drink researchers call...more

Killtest IBM 000-028 Free Real Q&As;

Killtest IBM 000-028 Free Real Q&As; Author: killtestymKilltest products are portable and easy to carry and use, no matter where you go, so preparing for the certification will not require that you put a stop to your normal life routine. To let you validate your knowledge and skills, we...more

United States: Multilingual Potpourri & English Tutoring

United States: Multilingual Potpourri & English Tutoring Author: shashanksThe United States of America happens to be one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse countries in the world. The credit goes to large scale immigration from various nations! The existence of people from diverse cultural...more

Borrow Wisely & Help Tide Over Recession!

Borrow Wisely & Help Tide Over Recession! Author: Arush KeerthiIn these tough times of recession,borrowers are still on the lookout for loans.They are looking forward to fulfil their various needs through finances. According to a latest report,it is revealed that Britain has suffered its...more

Hunt Horses And The Risk Of Injury

Hunt Horses And The Risk Of Injury The horse is an elite athlete and many of their natural characteristics can be harnessed for performance in sporting activities. National Hunt Racing incorporates many of the horse's natural physical abilities including speed, stamina and the...more
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