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Auto Body Shops And Your Accident Compensation Claim

Auto Body Shops And Your Accident Compensation Claim

Auto Insurance companies as a general rule review a claim

, quantify the extent of damage, calculate the cost of repairs, disperse payment to the car owner, and pay the auto body service shop. Based on the predicted cost, the auto body service shop will massage their numbers to profit the most from the business; in other words, they want the biggest amount of insurance cash as they can. They do this through combining labor fees, finder fees, program fees, and handling cost. Also, they will repair your car with second-hand components, discount parts, and substandard supplies like bondo and fiberglass. To ensure that you, the victim, get the best possible repair on your car, complete the actions:

1.Never sign over your accident compensation claim money to the auto repair shop until all work is completed. Auto body service shops have been known to tell you all kinds of stories to get you to allow an inadequate repair. Keep in mind, the repair shop should not receive payment until you are satisfied and don't budge on this point.

2.Tell them that the old damaged vehicle body parts need to be swapped for new auto body parts. Sorry to say, you have to use body putty and/or fiberglass in order to make seams seamless; on the other hand, you will be able to escape from applying body putty and/or fiberglass to fill in indentations by using brand new parts. Over-using body putty and/or fiberglass can reduce the value of the car.

3.Let them know that used or refurbished auto body parts won't do. Keep in mind, your investment in an insurance policy is to make sure that in the event of an accident, they must be obligated for payment of a settlement so that the automobile is restored to the pre-accident condition. The only occasion you must settle for used components is in a case where new parts can't be located.

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Auto Body Shops And Your Accident Compensation Claim