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Attorneys Fighting for Fathers' Rights

Attorneys Fighting for Fathers' Rights

Understanding a father's rights in custody battles or child support cases is best accomplished through competent and experienced attorneys

. The issue may seem complex, but a consultation with an attorney may be extremely beneficial in further understanding one's situation and rights. The specific laws may vary from state to state, so speaking with an attorney with adequate knowledge and experience in dealing with cases in your state is important.

Many fathers have questions about child support. Some may believe that if they were never married to the child's mother they do not have to pay child support. Establishing paternity may be done through several means and once this is completed, the father is required to pay child support.

The father may acknowledge they are the child's parent or a paternity test may be performed to determine the child's father. Others means may also exist and may vary between states. In some cases, if the father does not acknowledge that he is the father, is not married to the mother and the mother does not file to determine paternity, the unmarried father may not be required to pay child support.

Attorneys may also advise their clients that fathers rights should be backed up by court orders. Child support is often determined by the amount of time a father spends with his child, but they go only by court ordered visitation or custody rights in many cases. If no court order is present, the court may set the time spent with their child at 0%, making child support payments higher.

Visitation rights should also be backed up by court orders. Without a court order, nobody will be able to protect the father's visitation rights if the mother decides to discontinue visitation rights for the father.

More information regarding fathers' rights in child support, custody and visitation may be obtained by speaking with experienced family law attorneys.

Attorneys Fighting for Fathers' Rights

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Attorneys Fighting for Fathers' Rights