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Atkins Diet: You're Dieting Options

Atkins Diet: You're Dieting Options

When the Atkins diet was introduced, which included a low carbohydrate menu it revolutionised the dieting world

. "Atkins Nutritional Approach" is the philosophy. Through eating high-protein and high fat, loss of weight is assured. The assumption is a limited quantity of simple saccharides combined with exercise leads to a healthy life.

Food containing low fat is not the way to control weight and to ensure a healthy lifestyle is the controversial belief of the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins blames saccharides such as potatoes, fruits, pastas and grains for weight gain. According to him, the weight loss could be achieved by reducing sugars. He believes that a diet containing too much carbohydrate makes the torso retain fat. For more information visit 'onestopforweightloss'.

A four-phase diet plan to lose weight is promoted through the Atkins diet programme. Maintaining the weight loss is carried out through the last phase of the plan. Limiting the carbohydrate grams is encouraged in the Atkins diet. Throughout the first two weeks of the plan, all carbohydrate intakes are severely limited and then, carbohydrates are added rearward to the diet gradually throughout the more recent period.

In the induction programme covering the first two weeks, only twenty grams of carbohydrate intake is permitted.
Atkins Diet: You're Dieting Options

In the ongoing loss of weight phase, which is similar to the first phase, carbohydrate uptake is gradually increased along with more food, which includes seeds, some berries and nuts. Pre-maintenance, which is part of the third phase of the plan wherein the dieter is only ten kilograms away from the target, approximately five to ten grams of carbohydrate is added to the food as long as weight loss is continued slowly new nutrients are added to the menu?

Phase 4 covers maintenance of the target weight for a period of one month. At this juncture, the dieter can add carbohydrate grams to the food without weight gain.

All protein foods such as fish, meat and eggs are permitted in the menu. Olives, cheese, butter and olive oil can be used in limited quantities. Most vegetables including avocado, broccoli, tomato, cucumber and lettuce can sustain the dieter with the required energy. Splenda and other similar artificial sweeteners can also be used.

Baked goods, sugar, sweet peas, corn and other starchy vegetables, potato, pasta and bread, fruits, inebriant and nuts are to be totally avoided in the first phase of the programme. Potato, pasta, fruits, nuts and bread can be added in the later phases of the programme.

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