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As A Leader, You Won't Be At Your Best Until...

As A Leader, You Won't Be At Your Best Until...

"In coaching sessions is it normal to talk about things like getting fit

, having holidays and work/life balance?" was a question Mark, a leader I coach, asked last week.

"Well, let's look at it this way-How might the fact that you're not exercising at all impact your effectiveness in your leadership? How does the fact that you haven't had one single day off for more than twelve months impact your performance? How does the fact that you're working more than twelve hours every day, and sometimes a lot more, impact your effectiveness at work?

A light switched on for Mark. These matters he had for so long pushed aside to further his career now became a central strategy in achieving his career goals and satisfying his personal values.

We Need This Balance
As A Leader, You Won't Be At Your Best Until...

As we talked through the answers to my three questions, Mark became much, much more aware of the performance costs to his organization that were a consequence of his of lack of exercise, insufficient holidays and scarcity of "life" in his work/life balance equation.

He realized that to function at his best, both professionally and personally, he needed to create much better balance...

So we explored further what his ideal circumstance would look like and strategies that would help him achieve that. Consequently we will soon see a more productive, fitter, healthier, happier, more fulfilled Mark :-).

Now The Question Is, Are You Like Mark?

You know Mark isn't unusual-for example, one in four full time workers in Australia (where I live) have accrued 25 days or more of annual leave. The worry is that the figure is "25 days or more"...

I'd say that a great number of these one in four are leaders, and I imagine that a great number of those leaders have a lot more than 25 days accrued!

The question is, could you be one of them? If so, read on...

Your Leadership Call To Action

What out-of-work issues impact your performance at work? And can they be more desirably managed?

Let's not kid ourselves-exercise and regular rest and relaxation have a huge impact on whether or not your performance is optimal:

o Are you exercising at least three times a week-and therefore becoming fitter, healthier, less stressed and more energized right through to the end of the day?

o Are you scheduling and taking regular holidays as well as shorter breaks-and therefore having that highly creative chill-out time, resting and reinvigorating to prepare yourself for the next long haul at work?

Believe me, our out of work activities impact our effectiveness at work!

Please, please take 30 seconds to do this personal audit. For many of you it'll lead to you modeling more of the characteristics of an exemplary leader!

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As A Leader, You Won't Be At Your Best Until... Moscow