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Are My Headaches Sinus Headaches? - Nurse's Guide

Are My Headaches Sinus Headaches? - Nurse's Guide

Often people have headaches but assume it's a tension headache or a migraine

. Sinus headaches are less common and people just don't connect their headaches with the sinuses. But the sinuses can wreak havoc in a number of ways and sinus headaches are just one way.

Even your doctor may overlook it and not give a correct diagnosis. If your sinuses are really inflamed it can be a blinding headache.

There are four sets of sinuses. Some lie behind the nose, cheeks and forehead. Another set lies deeper and can cause a one sided top-of-the-head headache also. The lining can become inflamed and the mucus can be blocked from passing through. Whether it's by swollen and thus narrowed passages or from dried up mucous blocking the passages it can cause a lot of head pain.

A quart or more of fluid needs to pass through the sinuses every day. Becoming blocked can cause a great deal of head pain and give you a headache. Once the headache starts it's difficult to stop it in its tracks. If you sense it in the beginning you may be able to fend it off with some alternative natural home remedies or treatments. One wants to seek immediate pain relief.
Are My Headaches Sinus Headaches? - Nurse's Guide

Other causes can result from the common cold and one must bear up through the cold and do as much as they can to relieve the pain while suffering from the cold.

Sinus infections and sinus headaches are common among people who have a deviated septum. This is genetic and people usually know they have it.

Many medications and drugs can cause sinus inflammation thus swelling the passages and causing headache pain. If you're on a lot of medications consider this as a possibility.

Allergies are another reason people get sinus headaches. You may be aware that you have allergies to dust, mold, dust mites, pollen, perfumes or certain chemicals among other things. If not you may want to get tested if you're experiencing sinus headaches, sinus infections or sinus inflammations (sinusitis) that you cannot attribute to other causes.

Mold or fungus is another common cause of sinus headaches and sinus infections, probably more so than bacteria. Antibiotics generally don't work for sinus infections, because they are not usually caused by bacteria.

If you find you get headaches when you travel by airplane you may be experiencing stress from the change in pressure. Make sure you treat your sinuses before you fly to see if that helps.

There is much you can do to get rid of your sinus headaches once you determine that your headache is caused by the sinuses. Avoid any sinus medications as much as possible. The risks may make it worse.

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Are My Headaches Sinus Headaches? - Nurse's Guide