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Are Invisible Braces Really Invisible?

Thanks to advances in the world of cosmetic dentistry

, more and more adults are finding themselves willing to take the necessary steps to improve the overall appearance of their smiles. For many, this means biting the bullet and actually getting braces.

The idea of adult braces was not always popular, as many adults were loathe to be caught walking around sporting metal brackets on their teeth. In fact, many adults who wore metal braces in the past often found themselves the victims of mockery or, at the very least, excessive staring courtesy of their peers. (And you thought kids were cruel!) While most adults arent willing to subject themselves to the awkwardness involved in getting noticeable braces, many are quickly embracing a new option for effective teeth-straightening without all the social discomfort invisible braces.

Invisible braces are made of a clear, plastic-like material that covers the teeth. The process works by having a dentist take an impression of the teeth, which is used to create a series of custom aligner trays. These removable trays are switched every two weeks in order to gradually allow the teeth to properly align themselves. The result is a set of straight teeth and a terrific smile to boot, all of which is often accomplished in less than a years time.

While this might sound good to some, many people are awfully skeptical about the whole "invisible" aspect of this new teeth-straightening option. The question therefore remains: Are invisible braces really invisible?

The answer is clear (no pun intended). Invisible braces are, indeed, invisible, so much so that more and more professional newscasters are starting to wear them on screen while reporting. Since invisible braces do not include any wires, bands, or visible devices that bind them to the teeth, the chances of someone else noticing their presence is slim. Of course, if someone were to examine the mouth of an invisible braces patient with scrutiny, then yes, in that situation, the braces might be noticeable. In fact, many tend to liken invisible braces to contact lenses; while it is possible to gaze deeply into somebody elses eyes and detect the presence of contact lenses, it is not something that people are likely to notice unless they specifically go looking for it. Therefore, those who choose to get invisible braces can rest assured that theyll be able to go about straightening their teeth without anyone else figuring it out.

Another important thing to realize about invisible braces is that they are nothing like the "clear" braces of old. Years ago, the term "clear braces" usually conjured images of once-tooth colored brackets that, over time, turned an unsettling shade of yellow and visibly displayed food particle remnants in all their discolored glory. Invisible braces today, on the other hand, wont get stained over time, and the fact that they are removable eliminates the worry of getting food particles trapped along the gum line for the entire world to see.

If youve been avoiding braces for fear of the potential social implications that could come along with them, then stop assuming the worst. Instead, talk to a trusted cosmetic dentist about invisible braces. After all, what you cant see might truly surprise you.

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