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Appropriate Food Combining Will Almost Always Alleviate Digestive Pain And Cause Healthy Digestion

Appropriate Food Combining Will Almost Always Alleviate Digestive Pain And Cause Healthy Digestion

There are various and sundry foods, that when placed in certain combinations in the stomach

, will turn the abdomen into a fire zone. This is a factual statement and one that very few folks are actually aware of.

A large portion of the population, when younger, don't have any problems at all with their diet. As most folks know and understand, most kids can eat just about anything and often do just that. However, as we grow older and our digestive systems start changing, certain foods cause intense acid build- up in our guts and if these foods are mixed with other types of food that cause additional acid release in the stomach, our guts tend to react rather violently.

The normal body acid level is measured by the pH level. Normal is between 7.35 and 7.45. Anything below 7.35 is considered acidic and when the tissues are exposed to these types of acids they tend to start oxidizing or breaking down.

Acid gut or acid stomach can be attributed to the frequent and severe stomach and abdominal pain that man people experience. Pain in both the stomach and the chest (that emulates heart attack symptoms) are frequent complaints of high acid people. The symptoms of constipation and diarrhea are common with this condition as is nausea and vomiting, among others. Much of this mayhem is actually caused by people simply not combining food appropriately in their stomachs.Appropriate Food Combining Will Almost Always Alleviate Digestive Pain And Cause Healthy Digestion

Now, we're not claiming that every single case of gastritis in the world is caused by poor food combining but you'd be very surprised to find out just how much of it actually is occurring for this very cause. Many folks who had no clue or had a lot of doubt that a simple thing like combining foods properly could actually help them not only avoid but completely eliminate the pain and discomfort symptoms they were feeling everyday, in their bellies.

The most often asked question, from folks who discover this method is, "how does it all work?" The answer is really quite simple, to be honest. You see in the natural world, your stomach is already programmed to know when it needs to release acids to help break food down in the stomach. It also innately knows how much each type of food needs to be broken down appropriately. Meats, which are mostly made of protein and fats, will require a bit more digestive acids than carbohydrates may need. Once the food is broken down appropriately, it will move easily through the stomach and into the small intestines where it will be well absorbed. Various foods need various amounts of acid for digestion so that they can move through the digestive tract in about 8 hours, normally.

If improper mixing of foods occurs in the stomach, the right amount of acid release does not take place. Either too little or too much stomach acid is produced. The movement of the food through the digestive system is then delayed and the result is a bloating of the stomach, abdominal cramping and either diarrhea, constipation or maybe even both.

When absorption is delayed because of slow digestion, the entire digestive system is backed up, like a sewer and this causes the food to just sit on the stomach and begin to actually rot. This is not healthy at all.Appropriate Food Combining Will Almost Always Alleviate Digestive Pain And Cause Healthy Digestion

When proper food combining is used, the stomach has a much more stable and normal level of acid and thus the normal 7.35 to 7.45 level of acid results in balance and movement of chyme through the digestive tract in a normal, natural fashion. The symptoms of pain and bloating are eliminated and a person feels great relief.

Could you have an advantage using appropriate food combinations even if you do not have digestive problems? The short answer is "yes, of course." The reason is that when food moves through the digestion system at a rapid rate, it is absorbed more efficiently by the body and wastes are eliminated quickly. Thus, the body's own efficient system results in a cleaner gut and a more natural weight distribution. Many people find that they lose weight, quickly and easily and will maintain a weight easier.

Keep in mind that by mixing foods appropriately, you are also giving your colon a nice cleanse and it is a natural one so there is not having to stick close to a toilet in case of accidents. People who have constipation are often very surprised at the relief that they get from the simple combining of foods in an appropriate way.

by: Carrie Collins
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Appropriate Food Combining Will Almost Always Alleviate Digestive Pain And Cause Healthy Digestion Islamabad