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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Apples are highly nutritious as it is eminent from the saying that goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away

. Apples are grown in different colors such as red, golden and green. Apples are tasty to eat because they are juicy and crunchy. Also, the fruit is equally beneficial to juice as well.

Apples are used to prepare various cuisines. Juicing apples is a healthy way to induce all the nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants together. Juicing apples also gives you abundant quantity of vitamin C which combats different chronic diseases. It also makes the body stronger and resistant to diseases. Drinking apple juice regularly strengthens your immune system and helps to stay invigorated all through the day.

Apple juice is an immense source of instant energy for people who work out regularly. The juice is rich in anti-oxidants that combat oxidants. Our body produces oxidants when it works strenuously. The anti-oxidants also prevent the development of different kinds of cancer. One of the greatest benefits of juicing apples is that it controls cholesterol.

Weight conscious and obese people can get great benefits from juicing apples because it will not only help to shed the extra fat but will also provide high nutritional values with no calories. Besides vitamins and minerals, apples also provide huge amounts of fiber. Fiber is a very important nutritional constituent to keep the intestines working in stable order.

Since apples contain large amounts of fiber, you must not throw away the pulp leftover in the juicer as it is a great source of consuming fiber. You should not also peel off the skin of apples because it is also rich in nutrients. Juicing apples together with skin gives more nutrition to you. Apple juice must never be stored because it begins the oxidization process immediately. You can add other fruits like oranges, berries and grapes to enhance the taste of the juice. If the apples are sour, consider adding honey.

Always prepare juices at home because it is more nutritious and has no preservatives and sugar. You should always use the best juicer available in the market. Look out for a juicer which is manufactured by the best brand.

by: Sarah Paul
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