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Aluminium Channels - Ideal For The Automobile Industry

Aluminium Channels - Ideal For The Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is undoubtedly the biggest user of aluminium

. Many of the new products that are launched in the automobile sector make use of aluminium. This metal is also used for manufacture of sunroof aluminium channels that are required for motor vehicles. The ones used in automobiles require low friction in order to run smoothly. They also need to have good resistance with regards to the wear and tear of the vehicle. Hence, the need for high quality aluminium channels that can be made from aluminium extrusions only.

Anodisation of the channel surface is done so that it becomes tougher and stronger. The other metal channels which are available are not as hard as these. They provide better security to the vehicle, thanks to these anodised channels. The extrusions have to be tolerant enough to remain assembled with other vehicle parts which are fitted. Alloy design changes can be brought about if you so desire so as to make the channels stronger and harder.

It is imperative that a tight control shape be given so that the shape of these channels is not disturbed. Die management techniques help in maintaining the shape without any major product design variations. Sunroof assembling is possible if there are minimum variations to the quality of material, fabrication and the channel dimensions.

Aluminium extrusions are also greatly in demand for making roof rails. Roof rails serve as carriers and are placed on the roof of the vehicle and are effective for carrying equipment and luggage. As these extrusions are light n weight, it is the ideal choice for roof rails. Roof rails are manufactured by using the right alloy composition along with the most favourable heat treatment. They are then put to testing to check out the wear and tear and also the strength prior to sending it to the manufacturers of automobiles.Aluminium Channels - Ideal For The Automobile Industry

Reliability and accuracy are the keywords when it comes to manufacture of roof rail extrusions. Minor alterations in the production may have a bearing on the extrusion say for example the extrusion might bend. Changes in the stress level also affect the final product. Hence, manufacturers ensure that these equipments are made under stringent control conditions especially when it comes to production of rail roof extrusions.

Many of the manufacturers are particular about the safety features for these vehicles. New features are added to enhance the automobile which ensures safety and security of the passengers. Addition of these safety features does increase the overall weight of the automobile. Hence, production houses are making use of side aluminium channel beams which are lighter in weight to enhance the safety of the passengers. Since these beams are made of aluminium, they can be easily used and it also does not increase the weight of the vehicle.

By keeping the weight of the vehicles light without compromising on its safety features, the automobile industry is making efficient use of aluminium channels and aluminium sections where necessary to bring about great fuel efficiencies in modern vehicles.

by: Lawrence White

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Aluminium Channels - Ideal For The Automobile Industry