» Children Insurance » All About Cubby House and their Safety by:Angela Camardi

All About Cubby House and their Safety by:Angela Camardi

All About Cubby House and their Safety by:Angela Camardi

Cubby houses nowadays are at the top of most children's 'must have' list

, but anything larger than a cardboard box takes planning, and some cubby houses may need council support. We give you a guide to building or buying a cubby and some of the highs and lows that you could face on this child-bonding journey.

For those caregivers who would love to build a timber cubby, but just don't have the time or expertise, plastic ready-made cubbies will keep children smiling for hours. And there are no frustrations about building or council approvals. Be prepared though, they can be like putting together a Meccano set. Many large toy retailers sell plastic cubby houses and activity centres.

If you decide to build or buy the cubby house it is important to remember that such a prized possession will instantly make a child the most popular in the street, therefore, prepare for the attack of children in the yard (and house) for a large hunk of the weekend. If you are prepared for a possible kiddie's attack, please read on.

Cubby house types
All About Cubby House and their Safety by:Angela Camardi

If you thought a cubby was just a cubby, well you're wrong! If you plan to start searching for a cubby, you should disseminate yourself with cubby lingo:

Fort - is an open structure supporting various accessories such as scramble nets, slides or towering above a sandpit

Traditional - this is the most popular cubby and is a virtual mini-house with windows, a door, and verandah and if the child is lucky, comes with a few accessories. If a child is really lucky, the cubby house could imitate the main house;

Activity centre - has one solid wall and half height solid wall together with scramble nets and sand pits (a built-in version of a fort).


If you want to actually impress your child and their friends there is an option to add accessories such as: slide, ladder, rope ladder, scramble net, swing, trapeze bar, sandpit, steering wheel, periscope/telescope, various handles to encourage climbing - and for those who just can't live without one - a telephone.

Cubby safety

Parental supervision is the number one way to prevent accidents.

If younger children are crossing a raised cubby or fort, try to include guard rails, or you could also install soft rubber matting underneath

Vermin would also love to inhabit the cubby after kids have been cooking in the kitchen, so make sure it is cleaned and secure at the end of a day's play

Be careful of holes that could house snakes or other creepy crawlies, including timber-loving spiders

Round edges

Use non-toxic materials

Adult access

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