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affordable health insurance

affordable health insurance

While our country is still facing one of the worst recessions that Americans have faced in years

, the rate of uninsured individuals continues to rise. According to the Congressional Budget Office, there were over forty five million Americans that were not covered for health insurance in early 2009. This is a result of the current unemployment rate, which continues to grow. It's evident that most Americans are keeping a tight budget now a days, which obviously shows that health insurance coverage is no longer a priority because of the current state of this economy. This is a huge problem. Most Americans are taking a risks by not investing in health insurance because they need to save. But this risk to save can potentially backfire by spiraling onto the road of bankruptcy. A life threatening accident or illness can result in an uninsured individual's economic failure. Most would argue that because of today's recession, it is impossible to afford health insurance. However, there are alternatives that any uninsured individual can take to protect themselves for the future. Groups insurance and online directories are two solutions for individuals that can not afford standard medical insurance rates.

Hundreds of groups have produced across the country for the purpose of obtaining low cost medical insurance. Many people have been uniting to obtain group insurance because individual insurance plans are very expensive compared to group insurance plans. Groups such as fraternities, sororities and other specialty clubs are a few examples of the types of groups that are uniting for affordable health plans. Individuals that join a group plan have to face a membership fee but the overall savings on the policy usually covers that particular costs. Moreover there are a number of other considerable savings.

The other option that there is for obtaining affordable health insurance is through different online sites. There are many online web sites that provide insurance quotes or calculations for insurance plans.

Government sponsored sites such as offers quotes for families that need coverage for themselves or their kids. Other sites such as America's Health Brokers offers a directory of affordable coverage options for all fifty states. This is a huge convenience for many individuals because they can search and compare for quotes within the comfort of their own home. Most importantly, the information that they receive is a direct source and not through any type of insurance agency.affordable health insurance

Although the nation is currently at its low economically, this isn't an excuse for an individual to their health insurance from their expenses. Rather than cutting health insurance totally, it is best to find affordable options. It is unfortunate that more and more Americans think that cutting away from health insurance will save them financially. In truth, this decision can undoubtedly backfire in the worst way. A way that can cause an individual to throw themselves into bankruptcy. Which ultimately, is much darker state than trying to cutting back financially. Online sources such as plays as one solution towards finding affordable health insurance. Moreover, joining a group is another answer towards finding an affordable medical insurance plan. Americans need to take advantage of these resources. Although some individuals might not agree to the idea of these solutions, trying out these solutions can potentially turn out to be the first stage into walking away from bankruptcy.

affordable health insurance

By: Rahel
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