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Affirmations for wealth- using them correctly

Affirmations for wealth- using them correctly

Author: Donald Cherub

Do you feel stuck financially? Do you feel like you've tried every possible route to get the wealth you always wanted? Before I discovered the amazing power of affirmations for wealth, I couldn't seem to succeed in anything I tried. The biggest thing I've learned is that our state of mind dictates how well we are doing in our life. When you have a negative attitude you can search for the money and abundance but it will always seem to elude you. So what is an affirmation? affirmations are positive sentences you repeat methodically in order to imprint them in your subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind is trained by these sentences, then you are oriented to achieve whatever it was you imprinted. The subconscious is much more powerful than our conscious mind. It receives and calculates much more data. Our conscious part is much more focused. The more you focus on something the more habitual it is for you to experience it. If you have a negative attitude towards money. Your habit will be to experience the opposite of wealth. Affirmations for wealth help you imprint a positive idea towards getting what you want. And as you train the mind you will start to see many changes in your life and abundance will flow to you easily. Why do most people fail using affirmations? The main reasons I find people don't see results from affirmations is because they do not use a good system. Either they don't practice every day or they don't understand fully the techniques used Another big reason is failure to find an emotionalconnection. One of the main reasons for using affirmations is to find 'how it feels" to be what ever the affirming is about. If you use affirmations for wealth you should start feeling wealthy at some point. If you don't, you might have picked affirmations that don't relate to you, or are too unbelievable. This is a process of trusting yourself and gaining confidence. The more confidence the easier it gets. This is not a miracle tool. It takes time and effort. There is a learning curve. But once you pass it, amazing new horizons will open for you. It doesn't matter if you use affirmations for wealth, self esteem, health or any other reason. Once you understand how to use them. You can start changing every aspect of your life. I do advice those new to affirmations for wealth to find a system that works good for you. If you persist and insist you will be able to turn those affirmations for wealth into your reality.About the Author:

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