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Advice On Overcoming Panic Attacks & Anxiety Disorder

Advice On Overcoming Panic Attacks & Anxiety Disorder

We live in a stressful world these days, and so it's hardly a surprise that so many people suffer from acute forms of anxiety

. In fact, a significant amount of people need to find ways of overcoming panic attacks on a daily basis. I also used to suffer from attacks of anxiety, so I know what a real and debilitating problem they are. I found a solution myself though, and it involved regaining control of my thoughts and mind - no prescription drugs were needed at all.

Of course, "myself" didn't necessary mean that I needed to invent the methods on overcoming panic attacks. So, what did I do? Well, I searched the Internet for methods of getting rid of panic disorder and, as expected, I found tons of stuff. A heavy chunk of it was useless stuff like "breathing techniques" or "brown bag techniques" or "happy thoughts" techniques that were meant to cope with anxiety, not get rid of it. But then I came across a method that was bold and confrontative, one that made you face your fears and destroy them. It is what stopped my anxiety episodes.

The key point in the method was to understand that anxious thoughts pop up in the minds of everybody, not just panic disorder sufferers. So, the important question is then what makes us sufferers different from those non-sufferers? They don't have the same reaction as we do to the same situations. When an anxious thought comes to our mind, our body reacts to it intensely. And when our body reacts to it so strongly, we feel the need to examine that thought even closer, which makes our bodies react even stronger. The people who don't have anxiety attacks symptoms don't examine the thought so closely because they don't react that much to it. And when they don't react much to it, they don't examine it closely! See the "cycle of fear" that makes the attacks so persistent and strong? Event A happens, event B happens because of it; and then event A gets stronger because of event B. What you need to do is break this cycle.

To break the cycle of fear that arises from a single anxious thought, you need to follow a three step process: label - watch - proceed. When the anxious thought first arises, you need to label it as such, literally tell yourself that "this is an anxious thought". Don't try to ignore it, instead confront it. Then, watch and be aware of the reactions that your body is giving, and know that you have the power to control them, just as you control your reactions when you have happy thoughts. Finally, proceed with what you were doing prior to the anxious thought. It's done, it's over with, it was an insignificant part of your day.

Doing this a couple of times will help you tone down your reactions to the anxious thoughts and will greatly help you in overcoming panic attacks.

by: Mark Walters
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Advice On Overcoming Panic Attacks & Anxiety Disorder