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Advice On Getting Targeted Mlm Leads To Come To You

Advice On Getting Targeted Mlm Leads To Come To You

Getting targeted network marketing leads is the most difficult hurdle to overcome in trying to build a profitable mlm business.

More people contact their friends and family to try to talk them into the business opportunity. On the surface that doesn't seem like such a bad idea because the new distributor is excited and wants to share the great opportunity with others.

However it normally doesn't work real well. Most of those "on your list" have probably already tried two or three business opportunities or have at least been approached several times. These people are only a target because of the target you see on their back!

This isn't to say it won't work. You might have a few people in your family and friends who are interested. Here's some advice though: Wait for them to see your involvement in your business and have them come to you.

This is known as attraction marketing. Once it becomes known that you are an expert at something people become attracted to you.

They have trust and faith in you. But this only works if you've accomplished something first. Family and friends can be had but you much achieve some level of success first.

So how do you come up with targeted MLM leads? The internet is a great place to start. Other than gambling and porn people come on the Internet looking for ways to earn money more than anything else. There's a huge market out there worldwide. You just need to tap into it.

You can start a website or blogsite and drive traffic to your site. Websites aren't difficult to start these days and there are many services to aid you. Many blogs can be up and running within a day and can be started for free.

Your job is to provide fresh and informative material to your sites. If you stand out from others your readers will be attracted to you. You want them to come to your site time and time again.

Once you've developed a relationship with the interested parties you then have a chance to recruit them. Remember they are already looking for something and your job is to convince them you have what they want. You have to project yourself as the leader and expert.

Everyone looking for potential leads should also participate in social forums. This is a great way to tap into a targeted group and get leads.

It won't happen overnight and you'll have to have some patience. An unwritten rule in social forums is this: You make friends and establish relationships before ever trying to promote and sell things.

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