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Adrenalin Holidays - Adrenalin Junkies Turn to Motorcycles by:Michelle Shack

Rough, rugged and tough looking hogs driving Harleys

, not so long ago, they used to dominate the highways and freeways of the world. They were the road's masters, intimidating all other motorists that travel along their path. Tough and rugged, most of these riders used to conform to this iconic image of masculinity. However, with the increased awareness and emphasis on the importance of riding safety, all that toughness seemed to have lost impact. More and more riders are cutting their riding time for maintenance; more riders are spending more time tinkering with their motorcycle than actually riding it. With that, the identity of today's tough riders has softened up. Who's the tough one now? Seems like that today's riders have lost command of the roads that they used to reign. With the classic rider image in crisis, Nick Dinic of Thrill Rider has something else in mind, a solution that can bring back the toughness.

Nick Dinic, the owner-manager of Thrill Rider is very much aware of how today's riders have turned out. Everyone has developed a habit of checking the engine many times before hitting the road, prepping them up for safe adventures. Gone are the days that riders ignore and never treated rust, dust and grime as potential safety threats and just to go on their way. With the need for routine tune-up and maintenance, modern riders are more into preserving the power of their engine rather then putting them in tough and rough road test. Every piece of two-wheel rides are now kept shiny and grime-free, all the trouble in exchange for freedom to experience road adventure. Isn't that what riders and meant for? So what's there to do now? Thankfully, Nick's expertise in motorcycle tours is now extended to Now, adrenalin junkies are provided with more riding adventure possibilities with Nick's rugged riding concept.

If there's an expert on riding adventures, Nick is certainly it. From the company who capitalized on thrill-seekers never ending quest for on and off track adventure, he has created a new diversion for adrenalin junkies - the motorcycle tours. As a solution to the hassles of ensuring safe travel, Nick motor tours have introduced one fine solution to bringing back the toughness in today's riders. The company offers classic rider motorcycle rentals for their guided and unguided motorcycle tours around Brisbane QLD, Australia. With that, all tough riders at heart will be relieved of the hassles of ride maintenance and just focus straight to the riding experience. All they need to do is pick up the phone, look up Thrill Rider and gear up for a road adventure like never before.

Nick, along with a team of motorcycle experts, takes hold of a fine selection of for-rent road rider motorcycles. All of which are kept in top-notch riding conditions and prepped up for safe road adventure. All of which offer a new kind of motoring adventure by spending their adrenalin holiday in a scenic Australia countryside. Aside from the well-maintained rides, Nick's carefully planned routes keep Australian countryside motor tours and Adrenalin experiences safe. Fast and monstrous motorbikes and breathtaking scenarios while driving down Adrenalin's select adventure routes, what else would make the greatest road adventure greater?

To Nick, hassle-free, rugged and tough road adventures is the key to giving today's riders the image of commanding intimidation, one that made them dominate the roads not so long ago. Adrenalin motorcycle tours aim to bring back the toughness in all great riders' eyes. It's time to be a true rider once again. Join Nick in his next road quest.

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Adrenalin Holidays - Adrenalin Junkies Turn to Motorcycles by:Michelle Shack