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Added Up Mobile Features Of Magento Enterprise 1.12 And Community 1.7

Added Up Mobile Features Of Magento Enterprise 1.12 And Community 1.7

The latest enhancements in these released applications are believed to develop the

efficiency of the platform and help the merchants provide their customers a personalized shopping experience.According to these developments the customers may now place their order within a few clicks; they can use their mobile utilities to shop in a more convenient way, and now the users can have multiple wishlists too. And these advantages help the merchant to boost the consumer engagement with the site, it also helps in increasing conversion and transaction size, and it enables the automatic promotion of the brand as the customers getting benefitted amount a lot to this aspect.

The improved customer segmentation which in turn enhances the ordering capabilities act as advantages to every merchant with the Magento tools developed by Magento developers and even those running B2B get benefitted. Apart from these benefits, these latest Magento releases have gains for Magento developers too. These gains include a new API, and backup and rollback systems.

Following are some of the key features in the new releases and how they can benefit the merchants and the Magento programmers.

Mobile Storefronts for Ease of ShoppingAdded Up Mobile Features Of Magento Enterprise 1.12 And Community 1.7

The new releases enable merchants to create a storefront rapidly and effortlessly in an optimized way for mobile devices. This augmentation enables customers to shop from wherever they are and even while they are on the go. This obviously helps the merchants to develop their business in exponential levels as the mobile platform is building up in terms of hundreds of thousands every day. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology and supports iPhone, Android and Mobile Opera browsers. It includes out-of-the-box features.

Device Specific Features

The new releases are modeled in such a way that they can detect the device in which they are installed and according to the platform it is installed in the media capabilities alter. Without such alterations of media specifications the application will not be in a mode in which it can be utilized in an optimal way. The media specifications predominantly are audio and video based, so the add-ons and plug-ins necessary will also be certified by the platform.

Optimal Search Preferences

One of the most taxing features in any mobile ecommerce platform for both the customer and the Magento developer is the search feature. With the release of Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7 this has been tackled efficiently. The search engine present by default has been developed in such a way that the accuracy of it crawling to the exact words has been improved. This makes the search engine more sophisticated, user friendly and displays results in a highly efficient way.

Lucid Display of Products

The basic need of such ecommerce web applications like the ones developed by Magento developers using the Magento platforms is to showcase customers the products and services in a legible way so that the level of business gets enhanced. With the new releases from Magento the method of displaying the products has been honed to the fullest. Now the products can be viewed individually with a single click and its details can be viewed either briefly or extensively.

Efficient Viewing of Images

With the growing technological advancements of mobile devices and their highly improved hardware progression it is only astute for Magento developers to come up with features utilizing these features. The images present in the web applications for ecommerce used to provide minimal actions on images and pictures but with the new and advanced features of Magento it is possible to carry out various actions like Pinch, multi-touch and scaling images. The various images present on the page can be viewed one at a time by easily swiping on after the other. Touch phones being the order of the day it is not a surprise that Magento developers have given much preference to such basic specifications.Added Up Mobile Features Of Magento Enterprise 1.12 And Community 1.7

Facilities for Cross-selling and Upselling

Instead of using other parties to perform tasks such as Cross selling, where products are sold among or between established clients, markets, traders, etc, and Upselling, which is a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale, the new Magento tools enables merchants to perform both the tasks.

With these improvements as stated above both the releases Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7 are welcomed by Magento developers and Magento programmers with hail and positive reception.

by: Annie
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