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Abundance Attitude Results In Abundance Altitude With A Website That Makes Money Online On Autopilot? by:Ron Settler

Abundance Attitude Results In Abundance Altitude With A Website That Makes Money Online On Autopilot? by:Ron Settler

In the 1930's the financial phenomena known as the Great Depression happened

. Because of this, the generation following were taught very valuable lessons on living on meager means. But at the same time a negative attitude towards potential financial greatness also crept in, the Lack Mentality, or Scarcity Attitude. In a world of abundance, we oftentimes experience lack. The reason for it is because of an attitude of lack, poverty and scarcity. An abundance attitude will change all that. An abundance attitude will change your altitude. Abundance in mind will bring abundance in life

The Great Depression came suddenly and it destroyed many lives. Some, like the Kennedys prospered during that time. It is an interesting phenomena that at times when some are impoverished, others are improved. When some are poor, others prosper. This is what happened to the Kennedys and many like them during the Great Depression.

One of the main keys to prosperity during perilous times is to have an abundance attitude. An abundance attitude will cause you to tap into an abundance altitude. What the Kennedys did right was that they kept a positive attitude during the Great Depression. And they also saw an opportunity. A money making attitude plus a money making opportunity almost always result in a money making reality.

As of the time of this writing, the United States of America, and the world for that matter is experiencing one of the worst recessions in modern times. People are losing their jobs and the unemployment is almost at an all time high. People are losing their homes left and right, cant pay their bills and don't answer their phone calls in fear that it might be a collection agent.

Yet, during America and the world's perilous financial times, many are prospering under the radar. It isn't even like they want to keep it a secret. But prospering they are. Just like the Kennedys they have spotted an opportunity. And the opportunity, coupled with the right tools and an abundance attitude is bringing wealth and riches into their fold. What is this opportunity? The internet. That's it. The internet has given average, every day individuals the ability to make money online on autopilot and create wealth online. Many an internet entrepreneur have discovered this incredible legitimate internet business. You can work at home with this legitimate online income opportunity and prosper while everyone else seems not to. This is a money system that really works of all the ways to make money immediately.

This system is based on a turn key website that makes money on autopilot.

This is a home based business that gets you on track immediately so that you can launch an online cash flow and a residual income online. Even if you have a low budget, this program will allow you to make money online on autopilot and experience an increased online cash flow, that keeps building every day and every week.

This is the power of an abundance attitude. A change in your attitude will bring a change in your altitude. A defeatist attitude will result in a defeated altitude. But an abundance attitude will result in an abundance altitude. This opportunity to financial abundance, financial freedom, financial independence and financial prosperity is possible because of an abundance attitude.

Just think of the abundance of nature around us. It has been calculated that if each and every family of the world's approximately 6.5 billion people were given a modest three bedroom, one bathroom house and if they were all to live in the same area, with no space between them, they would all fit into an area the State of Texas. Yet, because of a scarcity mentality we have all kinds of alarmists spreading fear that one of these days there would not be enough earth for people to live on.

That is why some politicians think it is important to counsel older people to voluntarily prepare to die because they have had their chance in life. That is why some regimes have a system of forced abortions and yet other democratic countries encourage abortions, because if everyone who is conceived is going to live, the surely there would not be enough space on the planet for all of us. Others have suggested that mentally handicapped people, or those on a feeding tube be allowed to die a "humane" death of "mercy." I am sure Hitler would have loved it.

Not only is this kind of thinking selfish and disgusting, but it is also born from an attitude of scarcity. But some of us don't want to be sucked up into this attitude of lack. Why live this way if I can make money online on autopilot? Why live in lack if I create wealth online? Why live a lifestyle of scarcity under oppressive laws of socialistic thinking if I can experience success in life and enjoy a residual income online cash flow?

This is not only for the so called rich. Even on a low budget we can plug into this online money making system that really works, work at home with this home based business amd make money online on autopilot. Any internet entrepreneur with this legitimate internet business can do this. You don't have to be a Pablo Escobar to become rich. My brother Pablo might have made tons of money illegally, but with this system any honest and law abiding citizen can make tons of money online on autopilot. This is an automated system with a website that makes money online on autopilot.

With this system to create wealth online, among all the ways to make money immediately, this home based business, if worked systematically will result in an increase in your online cash flow and residual income online. This is a legitimate online income opportunity that will bring success in life, financial prosperity, freedom and independence if we keep an attitude of abundance.

Once this attitude of abundance becomes a reality in our mind, it is just a matter of time before it becomes a reality in of life. Make money on autopilot is available for all of us. We don't have to "spread the wealth around" by stealing from the rich and penalizing those who through hard work and success in life have become prosperous. You don't become rich by taking from the rich. You become rich by becoming one of the rich.

Being rich is not bad. It's good. Not if you trample on others, and also not if you life is wrapped up in money only. How poor you are if you only consider financial surplus as prosperity! But if you live a life of spiritual prosperity, family happiness, joyful living, and couple it with sufficient financial resources, what a life. With this automated money making system you get an affiliate website that makes money online on autopilot.

I wish you the best in your quest to make money online on autopilot and create wealth online. Soon you will enjoy a residual income online and an online cash flow.

See you at the top!

About the author

Ron Settler is the owner of . His blog is at where money making videos about this turn key automated website that makes money on autopilot such as may be viewed.
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Abundance Attitude Results In Abundance Altitude With A Website That Makes Money Online On Autopilot? by:Ron Settler