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Absolute Fitness: Outdoor Personal Training

Absolute Fitness: Outdoor Personal Training

In the fight to get fit, to tone up, lose weight

, train for a marathon, get fit to ski, strength train or improve flexibility many people sign up for gym memberships as they think this is the only way to improve their fitness. However this is not the case. There is an alternative way to reach your fitness targets - outdoor personal training.

Why outdoor personal training as opposed to training at the gym?

Outdoor personal training gives greater results than gym training. When you train outdoors not only do you benefit from the fresh air, it's also energising, stimulating and acts as a natural stress reliever, you burn more calories and your core muscles work harder, in comparison to working out in an air conditioned gym.

Outdoor training allows you to introduce fun, spontaneity and variety. With the right equipment and knowledge you can take advantage of exercising in ways that are not possible in the gym.
Absolute Fitness: Outdoor Personal Training

Outdoors the changing, uneven terrain in many parks is excellent for your core and for keeping your coordination and balance sharp.

Why use a treadmill in a gym when you can jog in the sunshine and utilise your body weight, trees, benches, sticks and steps for challenging circuits as well as a variety of other equipment such as free weights, dyna bands, Swiss balls, TRX and boxing pads to give you the most efficient and enjoyable workout outdoors? Tailoring your outdoor personal training.

It's very important that your outdoor personal training is tailored to your individual requirements, so you can be sure your workout is efficient and will provide you with the maximum benefits, while ensuring that you do not hurt or injure yourself.

Training programmes should be based on your age, health and current fitness levels and focussed on achieving your personal goals. Exercise should be varied e.g. jogging, boxing, pilates and implemented at a suitable intensity to maintain your motivation and enjoyment. There is nothing worse than the same exercises repeated over again and again, guaranteed to make you lose your drive and enthusiasm.

A well thought out personal training program will not only improve fitness levels but will also boost your energy levels and increase your confidence and over-all well-being.

Fitness for life should be a priority, not a quick fix or gimmick.

By incorporating exercise into your life so it becomes a natural part of your normal routine you will avoid harmful yo-yo exercising.

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