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A Variety Of Teeth Whitening Choices: From Toothpaste To Teeth Whitening Kits

Most people will agree that a clean white smile provides a positive first impression

. Whether you are hoping to improve your work situation or to feel better about yourself all around, the appearance of healthy white teeth and a happy smile is sure to jump start your efforts. There are several routes you can follow to a clean, whiter smile. These range from simple changes you can make daily at your own home to expensive plans that involve an experienced dentist. Consider the different pros and cons of a few methods, and you can choose which path will suit you and your lifestyle best.

There are several things that lead to teeth discoloration. Teeth will naturally get yellower as people age. Also, your diet will affect the whiteness of your teeth. If you drink a lot of tea and coffee, soft drinks, and red wine, you will notice consistent discoloration. Smoking and the use of tobacco will also darken your teeth. Obviously, neglecting to care for your teeth will lead to yellowing and eventually dying, decaying teeth. So the first path to whiter teeth, and a path to follow even when you choose to use other methods, is appropriate dental hygiene. Following most dentists advice to brush several times a day, without neglecting to floss, is one of the best ways to improve your smile. Reducing your intake of tooth staining foods and drinks will also improve the color of your teeth over time. Dont forget to increase the amount of bone strengthening foods and drinks.

You might next choose to use one of many possible teeth whitening kits. While the changes you experience by revamping your diet are slow to realize, the effects from a tooth whitening kit will be almost immediate. These kits are easily available and are offered at much lower prices than the trips to the dentist will end up costing. Most teeth whitening kits available today come with the ability to create custom-fitting dental trays, a whitening gel of 22%, 35%, 36% and 44% bleaching ingredient , the necessary instructions, the applicator syringes and, often, a blue light to enhance the whitening effects of the gel. Several kits will also include a gel to ease the process for people with sensitive teeth.

Finally, you can decide to visit a dentist. This will probably require an initial visit so that the dentist can become familiar with the specific qualities and characteristics of your teeth. The process that the dentist follows will be basically the same as that in the teeth whitening kits, however most dentists have years of experience and have provided this service to scores of patients. This expertise can make you feel more comfortable than setting out on your own. The experience of the dentist will come at a price. The costs of cosmetic dentistry are far greater than they are for home teeth whitening kits.

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