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A Midwest Hunter's Gear And Preparation Tips

A Midwest Hunter's Gear And Preparation Tips

Hunting season is in full swing in the Midwest

, where open seasons often last only a couple of days. As you can imagine, it's especially important that Midwest hunters are adequately prepared to take full advantage of their short and busy seasons. And that's why, below, you'll find a number of hunting preparedness tips from Midwest hunters to help hunters everywhere experience success during their own designated seasons.


Having the right hunting gear is essential for a successful trip, as any hunter knows. And when your season lasts only a handful of days, preparation is particularly imperative, since one missing tool can ruin an entire trip. As such, here's the gear that you need to make any season, no matter the duration, a success.

HUNTING KNIFE. The value of a good hunting knife cannot be overstated.
A Midwest Hunter's Gear And Preparation Tips

CAMOUFLAGE. Many animals have excellent eyesight, so blending in with your surroundings is crucial.

FIRST-AID KIT. Unfortunately, accidents happen; you should never be unprepared for one.

LED HEADLAMP. These simple devices are ingenious. they are extremely bright, hands-free, and offer fixed beam direction!

ADEQUATE FOOD, WATER, FUEL. Your essential needs have to be met first before you can expect any success.

WARM CLOTHING. The winter season brings cold temperatures and inclement weather; don't underestimate the value of thick socks, long underwear, and warm gloves.

GAME TAGS. There's simply no point in leaving home if you're going to forget these...

And here's some additional hunting gear that you might not have considered:

MULTI-TOOL. Just like a hunting knife, you never know when a multi-tool will come in handy and that's the point.

RUBBER GUTTING GLOVES. Don't laugh; you'll be glad you packed these.

MATCHES AND/OR LIGHTER. Even if you're employing the use of camping appliances with a spark ignition, you just never know when old-fashioned fire will save the day.

BONE SAW. You'll want one of these for field dressing your game. Keep in mind that some knives and multi-tools come with one included.

ROPE. Sometimes dragging your kill back to camp is going to be easier than shouldering it.

WIRE. This is especially useful for constructing makeshift shelters and bundling up supplies like firewood.


Since some Midwest hunting seasons span the week of Thanksgiving, many hunters and their families tend to be away from home during the November holiday. Here are a couple of tips for celebrating Thanksgiving while out on the hunt:

- Bringing along some extra hunting knives for carving game, preparing food, and eating.

- Tote an LED lantern to allow you to prepare, eat, and relax in the winter evening's early darkness.

- Obviously, your camping cooking supplies should suffice for preparing the meal.

Finally, the last piece of holiday hunting advice is to pack some alternative menu items for the big day. For the most part, you can comprise an entire Thanksgiving meal from easily packable canned foods like green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, even biscuits come canned. (Just don't forget the can opener!) You can also pack those tasty instant potatoes...

And with that, the only potentially elusive Thanksgiving course is the meat. Well, the meat, and perhaps the pumpkin pie!

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A Midwest Hunter's Gear And Preparation Tips