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A Metaphysical Perspective on Breast Cancer by:Catherine Poole

We all see the Susan G. Kolman pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. I would like to address breast cancer from the metaphysical perspective. Breasts are directly linked to nurturing -as is the color pink. Breasts also represent mothering, whether of our children, our family, our spouse or the world in general. Issues with the breasts, whether experienced by a man or a woman, indicate insecurity about our ability to provide for others or protect them.

Both my mother and her mother learned from breast cancer. They both experienced cancer in the right breast; which I will explain in a moment. Breast disorders can also occur when you tend to ask too much of yourself and then feel that you cannot deliver to everyone's satisfaction. According to Lisa Bourbeau in her book "Your Body is Telling You Love Yourself!" "If you are right handed, the right breast is linked to your partner, your family or those close to you. Your left breast is linked more closely with your child, your inner child. If your left hand is dominant the opposite is true.

In my experiences, I have found that the left breast can indicate issues to do with care giving, nurturing, motherly type feelings. The left side of the body is the feminine side, and also addresses receiving. When lessons in cancer develop on the left side first, then it is time to examine attitudes that deal with those areas in your life.

I find that many women, including my mother and grandmother, develop lessons in their right breasts after a period of stress created by care giving. When I speak, I often explain that cancer is based on deep issues of guilt or resentment; much anger is accumulated within those cells. In the case of breast cancer I have discovered that the high ration among caregivers is neither due to resenting the care giving nor resenting those you are caring for. Cancer is linked to the guilt one places on self due to the RELIEF felt after the death, however brief there is still a sense of relief when one we love transitions. I receive many reactions to this perception, but through many years of spiritual counseling as well at my own experiences I believe in the importance to recognize and release this understandable human reaction.

The right also represents how we present our self to the world (masculine or "man's world" issues. When a male spouse transitions, we assume the role of being in charge, hence the relationship with masculine energies. Right is also about releasing and issues of letting go, so that is to be examined as well.

Understanding that the breast is about nurturing and nourishment, I look at issues of mother initially regardless of which side issues such as cysts or tumors manifest. There is a direct correlation with the way you were mothered and issues developed in the breasts (this is true for me or for women). Rather than pushing yourself in order to "forget about it"or on the other end of the spectrum lamenting about what you are going through, stop and objectively begin to realize that you weren't put on this earth to protect and feed everyone you love! It is about caring and loving self first. I equate this to the oxygen mask on the airplane, you must assist yourself first in order to be of help to anyone else.

If others ask you for help and it is within your power to help, don't hesitate. But do it with love, joy and pleasure. Not out of a sense of obligation or with resentment. If helping at a given time is beyond your limitations in any way or you just don't want to do it, admit it both to yourself and to them and allow yourself to step back. It is OK to say "no".

I often tell clients, and practice this myself, the only way to gain control of your life is to let go! Your maternal love and basic nurturing will always be there to sustain those you love without your feeling obliged to be actively (s)mothering them.

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A Metaphysical Perspective on Breast Cancer by:Catherine Poole