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Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Shop Online

Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Shop Online

Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Shop Online

Economists predict that the economy is on its way to recovery, and within a relatively short space of time, we will stop feeling the pinch. However, the media paints a different picture, today was rife with speculation of a 15% rise in energy bills, and with the recent increase in petrol prices which will rise further when the new duty added. Whether the media is fear mongering as usual, or the pinch is likely to close in, we are all in dire need of some money saving ideas. One area, in which we can all save money, is clothing, and with the increasing cost of clothes, this should come as a relief to many of us who are currently struggling with debt.

The difficulty comes in knowing where to find a bargain; well we have the answer: the internet. Whether you wish to purchase from a ladies clothes shop, a children's clothes shop, or a men's clothes shop, the best place to find a deal is on the internet.

Many people will raise queries regarding internet shopping, amongst them are concerns about quality, safety (in terms of identity theft and fraud), and fit. We will discuss each in turn, in the hope of alleviating some of these fears, and helping the reader to make changes in the way they shop to save on household expenses.


A great number of people are reluctant to make online purchase, doubting the quality of the goods they are buying.

There are several issues here. Let us first consider designer clothing. Designer clothes are much cheaper online than they are in a real-life shop. The reason for this is not that the items are fake or imitation, merely that internet retailers are able to offer better prices on their merchandise. They are able to offer better prices because they have fewer overheads, the cost of running the business is less than that of a shop front. It is as simple as that. Clearly, some unscrupulous businesses will sell imitation items without informing the customer, but these tend to go out of business very quickly. If you doubt the reputation of an online retailer, check review websites, if they have good reviews for the most part, they are likely to be sound.

Ladies clothes shops that operate online tend to have a decent amount of information relating to each product, as well as pictures that you can view of any items you want to buy. This goes some way to ensuring quality, but regardless, if the item is not to your satisfaction, a decent company will have a returns policy, so you can simply send them back.


Internet retailers want to generate and maintain a decent customer base. They do this by looking after their customers. Most online shops have secure payment methods, such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Millions of people use these methods on a daily basis, and very few, if any, fall victim to cyber crime. It is important to shop with a retailer that offers at least one secure payment method and you should only shop with a retailer that does.


Because you are unable to try the clothes before you buy them, fit is not a guaranteed. Particularly concerning ladies clothes shops, where sizes vary greatly between retailers, a size 12 with one shop, may be equivalent to a size 14 in another shop.

There are two ways of dealing with this issue:

Find the measurements in their imperial (inches) or metric (centimetres) dimensions, and measure yourself against them.

Alternatively, make use of the companies return policy if the clothes do not fit. You may incur a small postage fee, but this generally works out to be around the cost of an hour's parking at a large shopping outlet. Most retailers, however, offer a free returns policy (they want you to come back so they treat you well).
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