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Us Health Insurance In Middle Age

Us Health Insurance In Middle Age

Have you had a tough time finding major medical insurance because you are middle aged and without a group health plan

? This age group, between 50 and 64, can be one of the toughest to cover on the private market. There are many alternatives, but middle aged people may not be able to qualify for or afford all of them.

Lots of older people have given up the search for an affordable health insurance plan. They are just hoping they do not get sick before Medicare kicks in at age 65!

Take a look at individual health insurance for peope who are over 50.

Even if you are older, but are still pretty healthy, you may have good luck on the individual health insurance market. The problem here is that many people over 50 have started to develop some health issues. These issues may mean you will have to pay more. They could even mean that you could get declined.Us Health Insurance In Middle Age

To lower premiums, you may have to raise the yearly plan deductible. You may have to accept coverage without all of the bells and whistles too. Low office visit copsys or cheap prescriptions may have to be passed over.

You have to pay a reasonable amount that you can afford. If you stop making payments, and your plan is terminated, it will not do you any good.

Just remember why you purchase major medical. It is to protect you against a severe illness and a financial catastrophe. It may not be to cover ever stop at the clinic or bottle of generic antibiotics.

What if you get declined for insurance coverage?

Every US state has some type of high risk plan for its residents. They differ, so I cannot cover each one here. You should search for the plan in your own state. They should all have websites.

Not everybody qualifies for these plans. In some states, they can also be quite expensive. The state high risk plans will not help everybody, but you should find out if it can help cover you.

There is also a new national plan for high risk individuals. Right now, it seems to work along with state plans.This is part of federal health reform. From what I have read, there are limited slots so applicants are being urged to apply as quickly as possible.

They federal plan will also have some qualifications that applicants must meet. But from what I understand, the premiums may be lower than some state plans. In addition, the federal plans differ in some states too. Again, if you find the website for the high risk health plan in your state, it should also direct you to the federal high risk health plan information.

What if you just cannot afford premiums?

If you cannot afford the price of the health plan that you qualify for, you still may have some options.

Medicaid is the federal health plan for those with very low incomes and few assets. Many counties have hospital systems with health plans for low to moderate income people. In addition, you may look for foundations which help people with specific health conditions. The website is a good resource to look for some more help.

by: Marilyn Katz
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