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Try Daytona Beach in 2010 for Biker Festivals, Auto Racing and a Break from the Cold Weather

Try Daytona Beach in 2010 for Biker Festivals, Auto Racing and a Break from the Cold Weather

Author: Kirby Collins

When I think of Daytona Beach several things come to mind. I remember hanging out on the beach during the day getting the perfect tan then going back to the room to freshen up, out to dinner and then clubbing all night. I really enjoyed meeting all the people from all over the country there to party and have a good time.

The Main Street pier is reminiscent of the Coney Island style pier, all our friends from the North East can appreciate. They have several restaurants with fare including by the slice pizza hot dogs, corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, you know, all the junk food one would associate with a good time. They have a midway will all the games and prizes youd imagine plus some hair raising thrill rides like the big swing where you go up some hundred feet then they drop you to swing up and out, its quite breath taking. You can also fish off the pier so it makes for a great family day. Up at the other end of Main Street theres a different kind of fun to be had.

Many of the bars of Daytona Beach are on the Main Street strip. One of the draws to Daytona Beach are the yearly events of Bike Week 2010, normally held in February or March. Bikers from all over the country and world converge on Daytona Beach for a few days of booze, bikes and babes. The Hogs Breath, Dirty Harrys, Froggys and the Boot Hill Saloon, the Bank and Blues club; these are just a few of the names youll see. If you go to any one of these places during Bike Week or Biktoberfest youll find a party going on, wet t-shirt contests, live music, drink specials, food, fun and some fabulous bikes, its well worth the trip. Try Daytona Beach in 2010 for Biker Festivals, Auto Racing and a Break from the Cold Weather

During these events they also have something else Dayton Beach is known for races. They have many races and special events to enjoy and there is normally a swap meet and many vendors out in the parking lot so even if you dont go into the stadium stop on by and see the sight for yourself. Dayton Speed week is the start of the NASCAR season and there are several races and events to enjoy and as with Bike Week the vendors and parts sellers come out to make a deal with you.

Daytona Speed Week 2010 with other popular races such as the Rolex 24 hour race and the Daytona 500 are run. NASCAR was born from stock car racing which was born from boot legging in the Appalachians during prohibition. Bootleggers, as they were called, needed fast car to outrun the cops as they made their deliveries, many drivers did their own modification to their cars to increase the cars speed and handling. It all started back in 1947 when a gentleman named William France Sr. and some friends founded a small organization they called NASCAR. Try Daytona Beach in 2010 for Biker Festivals, Auto Racing and a Break from the Cold Weather

When prohibition ended in 1933 the need for bootleggers dried up but some of these guys came to love the speed and excitement of driving down twisty mountain roads. They continued to work on and improve their cars and by the late 1940s the races for bragging rights and money began. These races were held mostly in rural North Carolina run using modified street cars.

There are also several truck races and events that take place during the week but theses are the main racing events. Then at week after the qualifying events the Daytona 500 is run. The Daytona 500 is run for 200 laps, 500 miles on the two and a half a mile long track of the Daytona International Speedway and its considered the biggest, richest and most prestigious race of the NASCAR series. Touted as The Great American Race families save of all year and make the week their traditional family vacation. Ive been to the infield after Speed Week and have been amazed by all the things left behind, arm chairs, sofas and all sorts of other things, its an awesome sight.

One of my favorite things about being on the beach at Daytona is the fact that you can drive on some of the beaches there, you have to be respectful of the dunes so they have where you can and cant drive clearly marked. They also have beach patrols there in case of an emergency so dont be afraid to suntan there its not like youll be run over form all the cars. Every year they have runs for charity and good causes on the beach, one I know of is around the Easter holiday every year its appropriately called the Easter Beach Run. It runs right by the Main Street Pier which is a great place to spend the day.About the Author:

Drive on the beaches, hit the clubs, get a tan and make your friends jealous of your vacation. If you're thinking about things to do in Florida, you'll find the area one of the best values anywhere.
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Try Daytona Beach in 2010 for Biker Festivals, Auto Racing and a Break from the Cold Weather