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Soul Surfer On Online Megavideo

Soul Surfer On Online Megavideo

Soul Surfer On Online Megavideo

Picture what Blue Crush did to expose girls in the surf world, only this time the commonality ends with Hawaii and girls. Soul Surfer, based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, offers the viewer more than just beautiful girls in bikinis. When I had the privilege of watching the advanced screening, I did not anticipate such an onslaught of emotions. This was a movie with many layers.

For the female surfer, Soul Surfer is moving and thrilling. Viewer Alex Nicholls (13) calls it "inspiring." The film is well represented with girl surfing. It stayed true to female, competitive surfing where other films have lacked. For instance, you saw the rivalry between Bethany and Malina Birch and also Bethany Hamilton"s unwillingness to take a five-minute head start at the Hawaiian Island Regionals. I recall a part in the film where her father (Dennis Quaid) was discussing wave selection, and to feel it instead of going head to head. I thought this scene was natural and realistic of surfing. There was one occasion where Bethany"s character asks: "When can I surf again?" That line was incredibly relatable, the feeling of being more afraid not to surf. All the favorite household names were featured in the film like: Surfline, Rip Curl, Maui Jim, Transworld, and Fuel TV. Bethany Hamilton did a lot of the stunt surfing for the film. After having watched the movie, I can no longer use the excuse that I am too tired to paddle for a wave. Soul Surfer gave me that push that surf films usually do; I wanted to be in the line up. The scenery of Hawaii is enough to make any Texas surfer extremely jealous" paradise! It quickly persuaded me that dawn patrol should be replaced by the more exciting counterpart, night surfing. Of course the dreamlike sequence of being barreled does not hurt, either.

The plot was riveting. Here is a beautiful girl on her way to the top with Alana Blanchard climbing the ladder of success right beside her. She has a wonderful family and is about to go Pro. She makes sacrifices to train hard. You are at this high when suddenly, like a deep continental shelf or a wave you are caught up in, tragedy strikes. While surfing off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii, with family and friends, Hamilton suffers an unforeseeable shark attack (to those that are unaware of her story). In the film, I noticed they used a common procedure to stop bleeding in surfers who fall victim to shark attacks. They took a rashy and wrapped the wound with a surfboard leash. She survives despite losing a great deal of blood. Not afraid of sharks but of never surfing again, Bethany (AnnaSophia Robb) starts practicing. She starts with a big board and makes quick progress. But, in the next contest, she has difficulty duck diving and breaks her board. Frustrated from a major upset, Bethany is unsure how to continue living without an arm, without surfing. Thinking that this accident could not be a part of God"s plan, she decides to travel to Phuket, Thailand. Now not so close to competitive surfing, she is able to gain a new perspective. Bethany encourages a young boy to get back in the water after losing everything to the Tsunami. When she gets home, she finds a way; she finds her way. Her faith is stronger than ever as she learns that "all things are possible with Him." Watch Soul Surfer On Online

Director, and co-author of the screenplay, Sean McNamara, did a profound job bringing to life Bethany"s story. The special effects are not coy about showcasing Bethany"s arm. The cinematography was gripping. The movie is 106 minutes of pure gut-wrenching emotion, with the eye-popping emotion being most focused and weighty during the shark scene. Bethany had to paddle nearly 1 mile to shore. As she did so, the film features a bird"s eye view of the reef below. As the viewer sees just how far she had to go, you are filled with anxiety and anticipation for her to get to shore. In that same frantic scene, you felt as if you were in the water with her.

This feeling was juxtaposed with the character of Bethany Hamilton. Her character, played by actress AnnaSophia Robb (best known for her role in Bridge to Terebithia) was like the ocean itself, calm and strong. Ryan Donovan (11), calls the real Bethany Hamilton "brave." AnnaSophia portrayed "brave" and was mesmerizing as Bethany. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt could not have played Bethany"s parents any better. You could actually feel what they went through as parents, watching their daughter endure this painstaking experience. Their characters were intriguing and full of humanity. When Helen Hunt drops the line, "You tried," the whole theater was still. Carrie Underwood had a breakout film debut in which she played Sarah Hill, Bethany"s youth group leader. The role was fitting. The film is filled with spiritual fervor from Carrie Underwood"s performance of "Blessed Be Your Name," to the heart beating Hawaiian music and lastly, laced within the unwavering faith of Bethany Hamilton.

At a PG rating and with such an outstanding & piquant message, this movie is family friendly. Dana Donovan supports this notion: "I think what is so great about having the girls see it is just her courage getting back up after all of the adversity. She just got back out there. It was amazing."

Erin Donovan (11), felt moved to action after seeing Soul Surfer: "[It"s] probably my favorite movie" I am going to ask my Dad to take me to the beach, now." You won"t want to miss this one. It hits theaters on April 8!
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