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Medical Emergency Health Insurance Coverage

Medical Emergency Health Insurance Coverage

Medical emergencies are extremely common and yet incredibly unpredictable

. Sometimes these accidents and onsets are swift and even fatal. Many insurance companies provide coverage for medical emergencies while some loan you service to be paid back later. Emergency medical services such as an ambulance service can be quite expensive, for example, in Oregon an ambulance ride can cost you over $800.00. Not many people have that kind of money readily available.

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act is affiliated with many participating hospitals which accept payments from insurance providers like Medicare and Medicaid and the Department of Health and Human Services. This is only for hospitals that are on the listings of the Medicare program. The EMTALA is for all of the citizens of the United States, not just for the ones who are members of the Medicare program. This program is to ensure that the public can have the emergency help they require regardless of their financial conditions. The Social Security Act, section 1867 obliged the hospitals who participated in the Medicare program to make a medical screening examination or treatment for the patients that acquire emergency services. If the hospital is not under the Medicare program, it is a must that he or she should be transferred immediately to another compound that is part of the Medicare program.

AARP provides emergency services and health insurance coverage in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. They have succeeded in their line of work as a private healthcare company. Besides their healthcare, they offer evacuation and rescue services all over the world. They have many contact lines and have customer service waiting to assist you with your needs 24/7.

Travel insurance The travel insurance they offer includes emergency assistance services, such as transportation by helicopter, ambulance or fixed winged aircrafts.Medical Emergency Health Insurance Coverage

Loss/theft of luggage Trip cancelation Medical injury Personal liability insurance

AARP also provides a low-cost rescue card for Eastern Africa and Kenya. When you become a part of their rescue servicing program, you have access to their crisis centers 24/7 where they offer the same compassion and care that you will find in their medical facilities.

GMS otherwise known as Group Medical Services is another organization that provides emergency medical services. This organization is based in Canada and they provide services for individuals and groups in Canada. They also offer travel insurance that can provide up to $5,000,000USD in coverage. They also have 24/7 assistance centers that can help you with any needs or inquiries you may have. They have plans that have no age restrictions and can cover your short term or long term trips, individually or as a family.

Be aware that many insurance companies also have emergency medical coverage. When applying for insurance coverage make sure to ask the insurance company what services they provide. Also, make sure to check out their reputation to see if their services are legitimate and quality. When it comes to health insurance and emergency coverage, you want to find out everything you can about the company before the time comes that you have to apply their services.

by: Casey Trillbar
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Medical Emergency Health Insurance Coverage