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Martinez Montiel - Authentic, Original Guayabera Shirts by:Kevin Baldwin

Martinez Montiel - Authentic, Original Guayabera Shirts  by:Kevin Baldwin

Martinez Montiel Guayaberas may seem very unique from other traditional Guayabera

retailers on the Internet or in Miami, that's because they are! Our notion is not to necessarily be the biggest, but to be different - and therefore the best. The Guayabera has enjoyed an increased popularity in recent years, yet nobody has stood to meet the challenge of introducing style and diversity into tradition- until now. With our love of the Guayabera, we were faced with either looking like everyone else, or developing our own. We chose as we believe everyone else is starting to choose. Our niche market has grown from a local word of mouth, to eBay, and now to our website,

The Martinez Montiel brand is a higher end specialty designer line specifically intended for the cultural enthusiast and modeled after the South American, Aztec, and new Cuban style flavors. It is an original and intricately crafted embroidered shirt yet with a taste of history and culture sewn into every stitch. We also offer custom design work relative to our customers' specifications for weddings, parties, or corporate events.


Sometimes misspelled: guyabera, guayebera, guyabera, guyabara, guayabara, guyabera, guayabas, or by many other names such as Mexican Wedding shirts, Havana shirts, Cigar shirts, Mexican shirts, Yayabera shirts, or Cuban shirts - are not only extremely comfortable but versatile. Guayaberas can be worn for formal events such as weddings or dinner party's, or non-formal events such as picnics or casual nights out. They can also be used for company functions & events, or uniforms for the restaurant and hotel industries. Martinez Montiel - Authentic, Original Guayabera Shirts  by:Kevin Baldwin

The Guayabera has enjoyed a long history first introduced in Cuba. The origin of the name Guayabera may come from a Cuban legend that tells of a poor countryside seamstress sewing large pockets into her husband's shirts for carrying guava (guayabas) from the field, thus creating the Guayabera style. The Guayaberas name may also have originated from the word yayabero, the word for a person who lived near the Yayabo River in Cuba. It later spread to Latin America where its popularity grew.

The Guayabera has four front pockets (two above and two below) and two vertical lines of alforzas (ten vertical pleats that are very closely sewed and pass from above the top pockets down to the bottom of the shirt). The top of each pocket is usually adorned with a button, as are the bottoms of the alforzas. The Cuban Guayabera, unlike the Mexican, also has the alforzas going down the center of the shirt, over the button holes. The back of the Guayabera also follows the same pattern of alforzas. The bottom of the shirt has three-inch slits on each side engaged with a small button. As a straight-bottomed shirt, it is worn outside the trousers. The cuffs may be either one-button or French-cuffed. The white French-cuffed Guayabera worn with a black bowtie, is considered to be equivalent to a tuxedo and can be worn as formal attire.

Contact Name:

Kevin Baldwin

Contact Email:

Kevin Baldwin

The Guayabera

Ofc 858-480-6125

Cell 619-921-7930


San Diego office please contact:

Kevin Baldwin

26181 Bellemore Dr

Ramona, CA 92065


Int'l dial 1-619-921-7930

About the author

Atahualpa Martinez was born and raised in Nicaragua. At the age of 15, Atahualpa moved to the United States, where he completed high school and went on to Major in Sociology at San Jose State University. After graduating from San Jose State, Atahualpa returned to Nicaragua for a brief visit, and became interested in the local fashion of Nicaragua, particularly in the Guayabera style shirt.
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Martinez Montiel - Authentic, Original Guayabera Shirts by:Kevin Baldwin Ashburn