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How to Use an Online Scientific Calculator

How to Use an Online Scientific Calculator

What is an online scientific calculator?

It is type of virtual calculator application. Until today, newer functionalities are being added to it. At current, it supports the following:

? Subtraction

? Addition

? Division

? Multiplication

? Parenthesis

? Basic memory operations

Why was the online scientific calculator developed?

It is a product for Flash Player. This means, to use it, your web browser should support Flash. Not only that - it should have the latest version installed into it. You really need to install the latest version for the calculator to load.

How do you use the online scientific calculator?

Step 1 - After loading the latest version of Flash Player, you can start using the calculator. Just go to the Calculator page.

Step 2 - For those who have used the Calculator before, the page will have the contents of memory as well as other saved equations on display. If this is your first time to use it, skip to the next step.

Step 3 - Take note of the current functions of the online scientific calculator. It supports these operations:

? Subtraction (-)

? Addition (+)

? Division (/)

? Multiplication (x)

? Change sign (+/-)

? Power (Xy)

? PI

? Trigonometric functions

You can also use "parenthesis" to alter the order of operations.

Step 4 - Get to know its quick memory operations.

Keep in mind that the calculator has a feature for quick access memory. You can use this for temporarily storing values. If you want to clear the memory, you just need to press MC. In order to recall the value store in its memory, press MR. If you want to add value to the memory, use M+. If you want to subtract value to the memory, press M-.

Step 5 - Know its additional memory operations.

If you will use the STO and RCL buttons, you can access 10 additional memories. You need to press STO if you will store the value presently displayed. If a message appears requesting you to enter the no. of the register in order to store the value then enter a number between 0 - 9. Use RCL to recall a value from memory. When a message pops up, enter the no. of the register that you want to retrieve.

Step 6 - Understand the function of the main display.

When you enter a value, it will appear on the Calculator's main display. Upon entering an operator, this umber will be displayed on the top display. Keep in mind that the main display will only feature the last value you've typed. It will also display only the result of the last operation.

Step 7 - Understand the use of the expression display.

This is updated each time you type an operator key or a parenthesis to calculate the results.

Step 8 - Understand the use of different keys like:

? AC

? C

? Xy

? +/-

? PI

? Sin

? Tan

? Cos

? Sin-1

? Tan-1

? Cos-1


? LN

? 10x

? Ex

? P(n,r)

? C(n,k)


? !

? ,
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How to Use an Online Scientific Calculator