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How To Jump Higher Without Injury - Tips To Stay Healthy And Avoid Injury

How To Jump Higher Without Injury - Tips To Stay Healthy And Avoid Injury

Do your research. Glutamine, for example, will help your joint repair correctly. When implemented into your vertical jump program, you'll find that your vertical workouts can be greatly more efficient and help to prevent injury.

All the supplements that ought to be recommended are included in a good vertical jump program, with links included. And I've found the cheapest products that were also effective. So, I know that sometimes we're on limited budgets, so I hope that works.

How to Jump Higher Safely: Avoid Dehydration

Drink plenty of water. My rule-it's kind of crude, but it's my rule-is that if your urine is not clear, then you're not drinking enough water. So just be careful of that. When you have enough water in your system, it allows your entire system to function more correctly.How To Jump Higher Without Injury - Tips To Stay Healthy And Avoid Injury

How to Jump Higher Safely: Take a Vitamin

I also recommend a multivitamin. It's not necessarily a need to have a multivitamin if you're getting all your fruits and vegetables anyways; but most of us aren't. So we could use the extra vitamins that help our muscles and our entire body to work at its maximum potential.

How to Jump Higher Safely: Don't Forget to Ice

Something else I always recommend is ice your knees or ice your shins. If something's getting sore, you better start icing it right away. A quick story: my knees were pretty sore after doing some jump workouts, and actually from triple jumping is really where I had the sorest knees, and I thought I was not going to be able to really play hard out on the court. I wasn't icing them because it took so long to ice. If you get out the ice, and you rub it on your knee-it takes like forty-five minutes. Who wants to do that every day?

What I found out is-I'm actually icing right now; I use an ice pack. You can get it at Wal-Mart. It just wraps around your knee, and that way when you get home, you just go to your freezer, wrap it around your knee, and you can go about your business without having to take forty-five minutes out of your day to ice your knees. Ever since I've started using these on my knees, I feel almost one hundred percent better. So, if you're having pain don't neglect to ice. Icing your knees will make a difference.

And a lot of times doctors will also tell you to use ibuprofen or some kind of anti-inflammatory agent to help kind of keep swelling down.

by: Jacob W. Hiller
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How To Jump Higher Without Injury - Tips To Stay Healthy And Avoid Injury Washington