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How Does U.s. Health Care Stand Up Globally?

How Does U.s. Health Care Stand Up Globally?

The United States unlike many other countries on the globe allows for health care to be a big business

. Instead of utilizing it as a government run program it has become a way for those in the industry to generate money. This is very simply why the system does not work.

Quite a few American's are misled by the term health care and believe that it was designed as a program to help them when they are ill or in need of medical treatment. Unfortunately, however, nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, most of health care has to do with avoiding paying for health care expenditures because the less the health insurance company needs to pay out the more money that they are making in profit. This is why most health insurance coverage companies are so quick to deny claims. They are hopeful that you will not pursue the money owed to you by fighting them and in the long run that they will likely not have to pay out.

In other countries, however, health care is actually about caring for the health of the individuals and the families covered under the plan. It is about making sure that everyone, regardless of his or her ability to pay, can seek out medical treatment for any health problem they have. This type of system is one that the U.S. government pegs as socialistic and is constantly telling the American public that doesn't work. This is because those in power have their hands in the till and are benefiting financially from the system as it currently exists.

No health care system is perfect but in most countries at least the doctors and hospitals get paid and everyone, regardless of how much money they have, can be seen by a health care provider. This is a huge difference as compared to the U . S . where even the physicians have to fight for their money and patient's are denied care and turned away every day.

Perhaps the United States should learn from other nations in the world when it comes to medical care. We need in place a system by which no one can fall through the cracks. Health care should not be something that's afforded just to the wealthy and it is not something that should be determined by some executives in a boardroom. Individuals should be able to receive care when and where they need it without question.

by: Ethan Kalvin
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How Does U.s. Health Care Stand Up Globally?