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Genital Warts Diagnosis - What The Doctor Looks For

Genital Warts Diagnosis - What The Doctor Looks For

If you think you may have genital warts or genital herpes

, you should see a doctor right away to confirm a genital warts diagnosis. This is not a condition you should ignore for very long. Ignoring the virus can lead to long-term health complications and an overall weakening of your physique, not to mention the increased risk of infecting those around you. Once you are diagnosed, however, you can start to take control of your condition and manage it to allow for the best possible lifestyle for you and any partners or family members you may have.

If you go to the doctor to see if you need a genital warts diagnosis, the doctor is likely to do one or more of the following things. A colposcopy is a common procedure for those who may be infected or be having an outbreak of genital warts or herpes. This allows the doctor to essentially magnify an interior area of the body. This way the doctor can see what's happening inside the body. This might be necessary to see outbreaks of warts in interior areas such as on a woman's cervix, inside her vaginal canal, or inside the anus of a man or a woman. For women, doctors will almost always conduct a Pap smear to see if there are any signs or HPV or any precancerous cells in her uterus.

Other laboratory tests are sometimes necessary to confirm a genital warts diagnosis or an HPV infection. Doctors will sometimes use an acetowhitening to find lesions that aren't visible to the naked eye. This technique is meant to enhance the warts so the doctors can find them. The doctor will apply a small amount of acetic acid in a solution to the area and see what happens. After about 7 minutes, give or take a few minutes, the area will turn white if it has been infected with genital warts.

Again, it cannot be overemphasized enough that genital warts and genital herpes require immediate medical attention. If you have any of the symptoms of lesions in the vaginal area, anal area, on or around the penis, or on or around the buttocks, you should see if a genital warts diagnosis is appropriate for you. Sometimes warts will bleed uncontrollably no matter how much pressure is applied with a bandage, and sometimes warts outbreaks can cause obstructions in the urethra. These situations also necessitate immediate medical care.

by: Troy Truman
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Genital Warts Diagnosis - What The Doctor Looks For