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Eligible to Vote? Time to Buy Health insurance!

Eligible to Vote? Time to Buy Health insurance!

Do you think that being in late teens and early twenties is a very early age to think about health insurance

? Then answer this- When you can vote, race your bike or car, get into relationship (and out of it), break rules, stay out late, drink (maybe not), party (certainly) and finally decide what to do with your life, then having mediclaim at a young age becomes a need too.

5 reasons why you need Health Insurance

You are young and healthy and have no care in the world. When the world is full of possibilities and a whole life ahead of you, thinking of health insurance may seem absurd. But buying health insurance when you are young and healthy is a move you will be glad you made

1. It's affordable!Eligible to Vote? Time to Buy Health insurance!

Just out of college, working or interning or just chilling out- you are capable for paying your own premium for your health insurance. Health insurance premiums for individuals in their twenties are very less certainly less than or equal to the amount you spend for an average night out (about Rs.1000-1500). Look at it this way, you use the amount that you spend in a party or perhaps a week and get coverage for one entire year. That's a good deal, even you can tell!

2. Why burden your parents?

Now that you are independent, you can take care of your little expenses, your petrol, your travelling expenses, a little shopping and so on. This feeling of financial independence is quite heady and you don't like to ask your parents for money any more. Then why do you want to burden your parents with the exorbitant hospital bills that will certainly affect their own funds? Of course, they will not have any problem paying for you but it would feel unfair on your part to still depend on them. You can buy a health insurance policy and unburden your parents incase, you need to be hospitalized...

3. Cover your risk

You are young hence don't care where you eat from, where you travel, what you do. You don't take care of your health, don't bother to go to the doctor and health checkups don't feature in your to do' list. On top of these things, in your need to get to things fast, you are a rash driver and a careless pedestrian. Considering all the things that you do, you have a good chance of suffering from ailments or accidents due to your behavior. On top of it, ailments like kidney stone, malaria, viral fever, jaundice don't have an age barrier. Considering all this, why not take precaution and minimize the riskThink about it!

4. Use the advantage!Eligible to Vote? Time to Buy Health insurance!

You are lucky that you are young and healthy, but in few years, your muscles are likely to be replaced by flab and your six pack abs by a fat belly. With jobs, responsibilities and stress, there are chances that health will take a back seat and voila, one day, when you want to buy a health insurance policy you find numerous limitations and conditions to face! You will have to undergo a waiting period for pre-existing diseases and the premium will be high.

On the other hand, when you buy a policy now, you will have no pre-existing disease, hence mostly all the diseases will be covered. For every year you do not claim, you will earn a discount in the premium or even additional cover on your sum insured. This way, when health insurance really becomes a necessity, you will already have it covered! Smart thinking, right? To know more about Eligible to Vote? Time to Buy Health insurance!

Eligible to Vote? Time to Buy Health insurance!

By: Niyatijs
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