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Clean Your House Before Showing It To Potential Buyers

Clean Your House Before Showing It To Potential Buyers

Here's something that bothers a lot of people because it feels like packing up and moving

, which nobody really enjoys. But if you try it you'll find that doing some careful organizing and packing can really give you a jump on the moving process when you are preparing to sell a home. I'm suggesting that you use cardboard moving boxes and label them carefully, and then, here's the part that often meets with resistance when I mention it, go ahead and take the boxes to quality storage facility. That's right, I'm saying it's better to get them completely off your premises. Even if you have room to store them in your basement or your garage, stick them in a truck and take them to storage.

Are you wondering what difference it makes to a buyer? Well, the answer is that buyers are primarily interested in one thing - getting what they want when they want it. Reducing the clutter and the quantity of belongings that serious buyers can see is the secret to a smooth, successful showing when you sell a home. Prospective buyers don't want to be visually distracted from seeing the space, and they don't want to be mentally distracted by piles of boxes that give rise to thoughts such as, "How long is it going to take for them to move all this stuff?" Of course it will probably take five minutes for movers to place a big pile of boxes on a truck, but that is not the point. Reality is not my point at all here.
Clean Your House Before Showing It To Potential Buyers

My suggestion is based on watching hundreds and hundreds of people look at homes for sale and listening to their comments. I am suggesting that you remove some of your possessions and put them in storage just so buyers can more easily picture their own furniture and belongings in your space. When you sell a home, you have to understand that buyers are "trying on" the rooms and "trying out" the kitchen, bathroom and garage in their minds. They are not interested getting distracted by your possessions. They are only interested in their own perspective.

I remember one couple that looked at a home that was rented to some tenants. When we pulled open the door of the storage shed and it was quite full, she remarked, "How are you ever going to get all of this stuff moved?" Her husband gave her an elbow jab and actually apologized to me, but that is the type of attitude I'm describing to you in this article. When you need to sell a home fast, you just have to be prepared for buyers to "take ownership" of your home in their own minds while they are taking a tour. They want to see it the way they want it to be, or as close to their own vision as possible.

by: Leo Kingston
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