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Clean The Skin In Summer

Clean The Skin In Summer

In this hot summer, sweat and oil secretions increasing together with the air of dust

, pores easily accumulate dirty, if not do a good job of deep cleaning, dead skin cell is not naturally falling off the skin surface will be thick. so not only skin can not breathe smoothly, and impede the absorption of skin care maintenance components, greatly affected the quality of skin - dark, acne and other problems come one after another.

Different skin, deep cleaning methods vary greatly, if not selected the right way to do deep cleaning may damage your skin.

Oily skin,more oil secretion,cortical thick skin, prone to blackheads and acne.

Strategy: 2 to 3 times a week deep cleansing treatment is essential, with a mild scrub clearing particles in the pores within the possession of oil, or appliances, the efficacy of deep cleansing mask, smaller pores and suppress excess oil . Effectiveness of the strong absorption of fat mashed mask quite for you to use.

The lack of moisture for dry skin, thin skin, pores less visible, the sebaceous glands less prone to wrinkles, skin, because they are too dry and peeling appeared tense situation.

Strategy: once a week deep cleansing treatment. Usually use the high water hydrogel moisture and deep cleansing and moisturizing products, peels gentle massage style appropriate to the main, less coarse particles rub dry skin scrub.

T-bit fat secretion particularly strong, coarse pores large, easy to grow in the summer, acne, blackheads and oil tablets, cheeks and around the eye are more dry and rough epidermis, lack luster.

Strategy: Special enhance T-bit of deep cleaning, multi-use moisturizing ingredients including plant extracts or higher deep cleansing products, plant extracts, apart from a clean effect, easily absorbed by skin, while moisturizing dry and location.

Thin surface of skin, blood vessels more visible actin, poor water holding capacity, skin very dry and easily effected by the environment, weather changing, skin care and drugs, and allergic reactions occur. Common swelling, skin redness, fever, mild tingling, severe peeling when it is serious.

Strategy: Using mild, a sedative, to relieve the effects of deep cleaning products, such as particles of flushing without scrub clean, labeled organic or natural or designed for sensitive skin products.

by: Angela
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Clean The Skin In Summer