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Choose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad

Choose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad

Leaving your home country and becoming an expatriate may force you to part with many things close to your heart, mind and body

. But, your health security should be inseparable from you as it is the most dynamic and the most unpredictable part of you. Every expat bag & baggage has a different tale to tell, one may be taking a short stay in a foreign land or perhaps, one may be parting for a long duration of stay. That is why it is all the more important to buy international health travel insurance plan as per your needs, duration of stay abroad and budget. Most expat health insurance schemes may have different time durations for individual policies, whatever be the variances they are however commonly divided into two main branches-short term and long term health insurances. Since expats do not necessarily qualify the norms of local health insurance expat seeking coverage in both native country and the foreign country is a frequently observed trend among expatriates.

Short Term Expat Health Insurance

The short term expatriate health insurance programs that major health insurance providers offer may range from mere 5 days to 3 years. These are specifically tailored international health travel insurance that are less expensive and may lack annual policies features especially recommended for expats traveling overseas for a few weeks or days. In most cases these types of insurance coverage expires on return to the home country. These short term travel insurance policies serve excellent purpose in covering you with medical assistance in case of injury and sickness and/or in providing assistance during medical emergencies abroad. Irrespective of the length of the policy time frame, short term expat medical insurances usually covers emergency evacuation feature that holds pivotal value in life and death situations. In other words, the policy holder if faced with serious health condition is allowed evacuation to the nearest center of medical excellence.

Long Term Expat Health InsuranceChoose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad

As the name suggest these expat health insurance premiums generally offers worldwide coverage with the minimum requirement of one year of policy term. International travel health insurance of this sort is best for expatriates planning to settle in a foreign country for a longer period of time. In addition, this type of plan can also cover you in your country and allow for multiple visits in a year.Choose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad

Just like short term expat health insurance coverage, long term medical insurances also offer emergency evacuation to nearest center of medical excellence in the event of serious illness or medical conditions. Insurance Expat, a leading expatriate insurance service provider offers high quality expat insurance packages with emergency evacuation facility provided in all of them. In some policies repatriation coverage may also be available in extreme medical contingencies. Long term expat medical insurance or Medical Travel Insurance usually has additional benefits like maternity, pre-existing coverage and preventive although it might attract 'waiting period.'

What you do today will pave the way for your tomorrow. Either you learn from others mistake or you learn from your own is entirely your call. But, traveling abroad without expat medical protection can be may be like plunging into a big risk.

Choose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad

By: John MichelCane
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Choose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad