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Are You Eligible For A Reverse Mortgage?

Are You Eligible For A Reverse Mortgage?

How do you know if youre eligible for a reverse mortgage

? Well lets start out first with what a reverse mortgage is. A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows older homeowners to access the equity in their homes. Instead of making monthly mortgage payments to reduce your debt, you eliminate your monthly payments and actually get money! Reverse mortgages are an option for people who want to turn substantial home equity into cash.

Just like a traditional mortgage, a Reverse Mortgage comes with fees, terms and qualifications for eligibility. You have to be age 62 or older, have a single-family home or other approved property and own the property. You also must live in the home as your primary residence, make the reverse mortgage your first mortgage or you can pay off existing loans with proceeds from your reverse mortgage

You must also continue to qualify after the loan is made. You should check your reverse mortgage agreement for details, yet generally you have to continuously use the home as your primary residence and keep current on the taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.

After knowing that you are eligible for a Reverse Mortgage, youll want to know how much will it cost you? Like all loans, reverse mortgages have costs. Reverse mortgage interest is the interest you pay on the borrowed money and there may be other costs as well. Most costs can be bundled with the loan so you do not pay out of pocket.Are You Eligible For A Reverse Mortgage?

You may be wondering how it works? Its actually simple, reverse mortgages pay you in a variety of ways. You can receive a lump-sum, periodic payments, a line of credit, or some type of combination. Lump Sum is the easiest. You get the loan balance all at once. Do with it what you will, yet there wont be more for you tomorrow. If you sign up for a periodic payment plan, youll get regular payments. These payments might last for a number of years (10 years, for example), or until your loan comes due (often as a result of your death or your moving out of the home). If you dont know exactly how much youll spend or how soon youll need it, a line of credit may make sense.

Some reverse mortgage lines of credit are growing lines of credit meaning you may have more and more money available to you as time goes on. Not bad. Cant decide? You can use a combination of the programs above. For example, you might take a smaller lump sum up front and keep a line of credit for later. This may be a reasonable approach if you need to pay off existing debt with a portion of your reverse mortgage loan.

Sounds great doesnt it? You maybe thinking what is the catch? What happens when the loan balance exceeds the value of my home? Or how will this affect my heirs? Well, there is no catch. A Reverse Mortgage is the answer to all your dilemmas. Even if the loan balance exceeds the value of your property, you must simply occupy the property, and maintain the payment of taxes and insurance. As long as you abide by the loan agreement, you cannot be forced to sell or vacate your home. No deficiency judgment may result from your reverse mortgage. FHA insurance guarantees against any loss to the lender. And only upon your passing does the loan balance become due and payable. Your heirs may then repay the loan by selling your home, or refinance the reverse mortgage and keep the home. If your home has appreciated in value, you are required to pay back only the outstanding balance. Any money that remains after the mortgage is paid will go to your heirs.

For FREE reverse mortgage counseling, Give us a call. Were happy to answer any questions that you may have. Or if youd like to find out how money you qualify for and if youre eligible, give us a call at (800)630-0650.

Tim Jacobs

Golden Years Mortgage Solutions

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Tim Jacobs @ Golden Years Mortgage Solutions (800)630-0650 Golden Years Mortgage Solutions is a reverse mortgage approved FHA Lender. Weve helped thousands of senior homeowners solve their financial problems. Our agents and brokers collectively have over 60 years of experience in Reverse Mortgage Loans and general financial services, including managers who are industry pioneers with more than 12 years of reverse mortgage experience. Our dedication to providing financial solutions for seniors is evidenced by the number of referrals that come from our existing clients.

by: Golden Years Mortgage Solutions
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Are You Eligible For A Reverse Mortgage?