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5 Keys To Writing Online Press Releases That Pull In Readers

5 Keys To Writing Online Press Releases That Pull In Readers

5 Keys To Writing Online Press Releases That Pull In Readers

Most online press releases fail to attract attention. They might get picked up by a few journalists and bloggers, but are otherwise ignored. There are several reasons this happens, and one is particularly common. It is now easier than ever to write and distribute dozens, and even hundreds, of press releases each year. As a result, everyone does it. The problem is, few take the time to create truly compelling news releases that grab a person's attention, and coax them to click through and read more.

We'll address this issue below. Here are five critical elements to writing online press releases that demand your audience's attention.

#1 - Lead With Your Most Compelling Idea

You already realize your headline is important. It is arguably the most crucial piece of your online press release since it determines whether someone will continue reading. For this reason, lead with your strongest idea. Don't wait until the body copy to grab your reader's attention. Frontload your news release to capture it as soon as possible.

It's important to remember that there's a fine line between being overly-promotional and compelling. Your headline should not be a sales pitch. It should function as the lead-in to a bigger story or news angle.

#2 - Avoid Beating Around The Bush

Include your most important items in your summary. By the time your reader finishes your summary, they should have a good idea regarding your story, its direction, and how they'll benefit from continuing to read.

A lot of business owners reserve their biggest ideas for the end of their press releases. They leave their audience in the dark. More often than not, frustrated readers click away before they reach the body copy.

#3 - Minimize Promotion

We touched on being overly-promotional earlier, but did so in the context of your headline. It's worth emphasizing that your summary and body should also lack blatant pitches. It's fine, and even recommended, to seed your news release with well-placed promotional quotes from satisfied customers. It's also a good idea to highlight ways your products solve specific problems, especially if they do so better than competing products. But self-promotion in a press release is unseemly. It turns off readers, and causes journalists and bloggers to disregard your releases.

#4 - Ask Yourself: "Why Would People Care?"

Even though there are countless news angles to warrant an online press release, few matter unless your audience cares. The manner in which you write your releases has a significant influence on triggering your readers' interest.

Too often, stories are told without regard for whether the reader finds them engaging. For example, you might be describing a developing trend in your market that directly affects your audience. If you are unable to convey the story in a way that convinces your readers to care, your press release will fall flat. It may be published on a few sites, but is unlikely to be picked up for wide distribution.

#5 - Canvas Your Territory With Ongoing Distribution

Thus far, we've focused on producing high-quality, well-written press releases your audience feels compelled to read. Quality is key. But quantity also plays a role in generating interest. When you distribute an ongoing stream of newsworthy press releases, journalists and bloggers become familiar with your company. Over time, they become more inclined to run your releases.

A word of caution: Don't be tempted to sacrifice quality for quantity. If you do, you'll find your news releases will be largely ignored. Instead, focus on both.

Without readers, your press releases still add value. They contain links that point to your site, which increases your site's ranking strength for your chosen keywords. But this value is compounded when your releases also pull readers in, and compel them to click through.
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