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5 Great Reasons to Choose Online Backup Services

5 Great Reasons to Choose Online Backup Services

5 Great Reasons to Choose Online Backup Services

Numerous online backup services like Mozy, Sugar Sync and Elephant drive have sprung up to fill the demand for fast, safe and secure online backup option, and there are many reasons why users are moving towards online backups rather than conventional tape or DVD-R backups.

1) Security

Files are stored encrypted on a disc drive on the file server, unlike traditional tape drives which are prone to data corruption over time, disc drives are fail safe for several decades, and unlike tape drive, disc drives can be encrypted.

2) Automation

The main reason why conventional backups don't work [at least from the consumer end] is that they are implemented frequently enough for it to be worthwhile, an outdated backup take several months back is not satisfactory and still requires several days and weeks of work in order to bring the old archive up to date. An online backup is different in that it's taken as and when users amend a file, so you can be assured that you have a backup of the latest files available to restore from.

3) Location free

With the rise of mobile workers, from freelancers and consultants to employees who simply elect to work from home. Online backups really come into good use here, as workers can make backups from any location and can also view their files from multiple computers, making desk free work a viable option.

4) Economies of scale

An in-house or a physical backup can be quite expensive, and not every business [particularly not SME's] has a budget for expensive and intricate backup implementation. Thankfully online backup are largely inexpensive starting at $5 per month for individuals and $30 per month for corporations, it's inexpensive because funds from different corporations and users are essentially pooled together to make one great backup service available for all. Now individuals can have the backup power and capacity as large organizations with huge budgets.

5) Less resource hungry than you think

Unlike desktop backup options which take a snapshot of an entire drive which can be very time consuming online backup services work on the fly, although the initial backup can use up a lot of bandwidth, any future backups only take a minimal amount of time as only the modified files are uploaded. So backups do not interfere with end users experience what so ever.

To conclude, online backups are a great new way to access and backup your important files. And used with less frequent local backups can give you all the assurance and peace of mind you need to fight off any major disc failures and virus attacks. Be sure to check out reviews of some of the best online backup services here. So go ahead don't be left out of the trend, grab yourself an online backup service today!
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