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5 Basic Factors That Determines The Cost Of Health Insurance For Your Insurance Needs

5 Basic Factors That Determines The Cost Of Health Insurance For Your Insurance Needs

Premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles

, coinsurance, and copayment are the basic factors that will determine the cost that you will expend in securing your health by having a health insurance.

In the US health reforms, health insurance is not an affordable coverage for most American citizens. Recently this year, a legislation has been signed addressing access for all American citizens to an affordable insurance coverage. However, it is unclear as to how this legislation can affect the decrease of cost of a health insurance's expenditure components. Basically, a health insurance policy cost depends on a person's age, health condition, location, income, and job status. Along with this are the factors that will determine the monthly cost of securing for a health insurance policy:


Monthly premium is the amount that you need to pay for in a chosen health insurance policy. This will provide coverage to general health concerns and services such as hospitalizations, doctor's check-up, medication, and other relative health services. Most often a health insurance can be job-related. A portion of your health insurance's monthly premium is paid by your employer. An employee will commonly receive health insurance deductions from his or her paycheck to also cover a portion of health insurance payment. 5 Basic Factors That Determines The Cost Of Health Insurance For Your Insurance Needs

For those that are self-employed, health insurance premium are bought and paid individually by them each month. Premium cost will also depend on the type of health insurance policy that you will avail. High out-of-pocket health insurance policies have lower monthly premiums. However, health insurance that also covers your family members and has lower out-of-pocket cost has higher premiums. Premiums will also increase if a health insurance is privately bought at an older age, with health related chronic conditions, or if in a high risk self-employment.

Out-of-pocket expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses are the non covered costs of health related services exclusively expended aside from the payments of monthly premiums. Expenses will include deductable in each year, coinsurance, and copayments from doctor's check-up and prescribed medications.


It is an out-of-pocket expenses paid annually for health-related expenditures right before the start of your health insurance policy coverage. It is the amount that a policy holder will have to pay before the beginning of the reimbursement according to the rate of the coinsurance.


Coinsurance is a provision of a health insurance policy where the insurance policy provider and policy holder will share a cost that was expended after meeting the deductibles accumulated annually. The amount of coinsurance is within an average of 20% from what is approved of your health policy.


Copayments are other out-of-pocket expenses that serves as the cost of flat fee that you need to pay during specific service incurred related to your health. These are very common cost paid out during managed care and drug plans. Copayment costs include expenses during doctor's visit, emergency rooms, and medical prescriptions.

It is essential to understand these basic health insurance expenses to be equipped right ahead in getting your health covered and insured.

by: Jacob Schiffer
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