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4 Tips for Preparing Your Dirt Bike for Resale by:Billy Whitmire

4 Tips for Preparing Your Dirt Bike for Resale by:Billy Whitmire

If you decide to sell your used dirt bike there are a few tips you can follow that

will help you give the prospective buyer a good impression and not force a substantial drop in your asking price. Here are a few of those tips:

-Clean It Thoroughly

-Check for Wear and Tear

-Change the Tires4 Tips for Preparing Your Dirt Bike for Resale by:Billy Whitmire

-Perform a Safety Check

Clean It Thoroughly

It might be cool to have a prospective buyer come to your house, and see a dirt bike covered in mud. You want them to see that you use the bike regularly, but this could be just the thing that turns them off. A buyer wants to see the bike, not the dirt. Cleaning it up will give the buyer an impression the bike has been taken care of and not neglected. Clean the dirt bike so it shines like it did when you bought it new.

A clean dirt bike is the best way to give a prospective buyer a good first impression.

Check for Wear and Tear

The best way to get top dollar for your used dirt bike is to take the time to check for wear and tear. When you find things such as; bent spokes, split cables or a ripped seat, take a few bucks and repair them. You can then pass on the cost by increasing the resale price. If you let these things go without repair you may not get as much as you want for the bike or you may lose the sale completely.

You can get a better price and sell the bike quicker if you are willing to spend a few dollars to repair obvious defects of the bike.

Change the Tires

The condition of the tires is one of the first things that a prospective buyer is going to see. If you have spares that are in better shape then the ones currently on the bike, change them. This will make the dirt bike more appealing and you will be able to recoup the cost of the better tires with an increase in the selling price. Otherwise the buyer is going to want to reduce the price of the bike right from the start even if you priced it at rock bottom.

Worn, stripped or damaged tires will immediately bring the price of the dirt bike down if they are not replaced.

Perform a Safety Check

After you have cleaned up the bike you will want to double check to be certain everything is working properly. Check the throttle cable, lights, and brakes; this way when the prospective buyer asks to start up the bike, they all work. In the buyer's mind if something doesn't work, it will cost them money, and this will bring the price of the bike down in their mind. By double checking you will be certain all systems are go, and can get your asking price for the bike.

Check all the dirt bike safety features be the buyer arrives so you can be certain they are operating properly.

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4 Tips for Preparing Your Dirt Bike for Resale by:Billy Whitmire