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3 Painless Ways To Strengthen Your Online Sales

3 Painless Ways To Strengthen Your Online Sales

Profitable internet marketing needs a substantial collection of different skills

, but in the rush to set up an online business, a few of the basics end up getting overlooked... and these can make a considerable difference to the success of your entire business.

Here are 3 of the top internet marketing strategies to improve your sales and grow your website's profits:

1. To Begin With, Make Sure You Catch Your Visitor's Attention:

Getting your visitor's attention is vital. You have only got between 3 to 5 seconds to do this - any more and in many instances they will go somewhere else and you risk having lost the chance entirely.

Including a memorable title to your content is essential if you want to convince them to look at what you have got to say. The important point to remember is that they will not take in your message, no matter how well written it is, if they don't read your site's content in the first place. So as well as getting hold of their attention, you then need to make the rest of your article body as entertaining to read as you can so that they stay captivated right the way through to the finish.

Lists and bullet points are always appealing in internet marketing as they are uncomplicated to read and can be scanned fast by a visitor to your website who is in a rush. The prospect of a free report, video or downloadable ebook will usually get their attention too.

2. Look At The Layout Of Your Website:

WordPress is a wonderful resource when it comes to setting up a blog, but as a larger number of online marketing specialists get to grips with how to use it themselves, the overall design and functionality of a few blogs can struggle.

This can result in some websites looking cluttered, with too many banners, widgets and other features all vying for the attention of your customer. This makes for a confusing layout that does not guide the visitor in the direction you desire and can lead to wasted opportunities.

A good site layout will be crisp, easy to navigate, functional, clean and will steer your potential buyer in the right direction. For example, you might look to capture their email address in return for offering them a free downloadable product of some kind. Or guide them in the direction of a sales page instead. A good blog layout will assist in making this achievable, while a second rate format will leave your potential customer with no clear direction.

3. Capture Your Potential Customer's Email Details:

Typically, no more than 5% of your site's readers will buy on their first visit - and the percentage is in fact invariably substantially less than this. So it becomes more and more important to capture your customer's email address so that you are able to keep in touch and send them new promotions and products in the future.

Often the best tactic to obtain this is to offer a free downloadable ebook, video, short report or something else that has some real appeal and value. Something they really want in other words. They offer their email address and their permission to be emailed additional offers from you and in return, you offer them the free product they are after. Everyone's a winner.

This option is not tricky to include in your website and is likely to make a noticeable difference to your sales if you set it all up correctly. Yet all the time I see internet marketing websites that fail to include this facility.

They count on a reader buying at the first visit and as a result, miss out on the longer term, bigger picture. After all, at least 95% of their potential customers are not likely to purchase anything first time round - and that is a missed opportunity in most people's books.

These 3 proven techniques provide a great chance for you to improve your online sales and by updating your site to incorporate them, you will spot a worthwhile jump in your conversions - and therefore of course, your profits.

by: Adrian Kay
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3 Painless Ways To Strengthen Your Online Sales