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2nd in Series: How to Get Paid Taking Surveys and Other Creative Online Jobs

2nd in Series: How to Get Paid Taking Surveys and Other Creative Online Jobs

2nd in Series: How to Get Paid Taking Surveys and Other Creative Online Jobs

In our last segment we discussed the advantages of working from home. It saves money on transportation and child care. You don't have to get dressed up every day. There's no boss breathing down your neck or watching over your shoulder. As long as you get your work done on time you can take as much time off as you need. There are no dress codes and no stupid rules to bog down your lifestyle. You can stay up till dawn, get up and work in your underwear till your work is finished, and then shower; dress and you're free to do it all over again. All you have to do is get your work done and live your life.

If you are creative you can make create your own market for your work. If not, you can get paid to take surveys or something like this. Online survey jobs are simple. You can find clearing houses that work with companies that need survey takers like Clearing houses are the best places to find legitimate paid surveys.

As promised in the previous segment, here are a few more job ideas to make money from home:

1) Blogging can make you money. Find an interesting subject to write about and start writing articles or posts. Send a link to all your friends and ask them to pass on the link to their friends in order to build up a readership. The more unusual the topic the less competition you have in the world of blogging. The best way to make money off your blog is to include Google Adsense or other types of advertizing. Companies will pay money for every click on their ad. Some even pay for every click on your blog! If you can build up a readership of a few thousand people and post articles or blurbs consistently, then you've got yourself a sweet little money maker without tons of work involved.

2) Affiliated marketing is another good way to make money online. If you sign up with a company to market their products, they will send you a special link to post on your website. Every click on the link they send you makes you money. While it is pretty tough going at first, affiliated marketing can make pretty good money. The bigger the company the more likelihood of making money. Lots of financial companies are accepting marketing contractors right now, so if you have the will and knowledge, go for it!

3) Day trading is a great way to make money, but you had better be prepared for stress city! You should have an excellent working knowledge of the stock market and be up to date with current events. An accounting background is best for this type of work. If you can handle the stress of the stock market and it doesn't bother you to gamble with other people's money, day trading has the potential to make you millions of dollars.

Keep your eyes open for the 3rd segment on how to make money from home. If you have any ideas about how to make money online from home, please post your comments below. All ideas are welcome.
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