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22 Weeks Pregnant Mom What To Expect

22 Weeks Pregnant Mom What To Expect

22 weeks pregnant mothers carry a baby of weight about 1 pound and the rate of growth increases at a fast rate from now onwards

. Some of the significant developments that occur in the baby during this period are the following:

1.The most important developments occur in the digestive and reproductive systems of the baby. The baby continues to swallow the amniotic fluid at a fast rate which facilitates the development of the digestive system.

2.The deposition of fat layers is very significant during this period. The fat is very important for the nervous system as it insulates two nerves from each other.

3.The bones of the baby by now have bone marrow which means that the blood cells for the baby would be developed by the baby now.
22 Weeks Pregnant Mom What To Expect

4.The baby has defined ridges on the toes and fingers which mean that the unique finer and toe prints have now been created.

5.The baby moves a lot during this period as it has grown very active and also has a lot of space to play. It would take somersaults, move hands and feet and at times even grab hold of the umbilical cord.

The most important changes experienced by the 25 weeks pregnant mothers can be explained as follows:

1.The mothers will have an overall expanding body rather than just the belly. This is because of the high nutrition diet and the hormonal changes.

2.A very strange pregnancy symptom during this period is forgetfulness. Distraction becomes easy and it would be no surprise that the mother would forget even about the important meetings and appointments.

3.The stretch marks are another problem that occurs during this period. They are found in almost 70% of the cases and they become more pronounced in the 3rd trimester.

By the end of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, that is 25 weeks pregnant, the mothers will have a baby that would develop differently in each case. The genetic codes become more operational during this period. The most important developments in the baby include the following:

1.The spinal cord and the spine form during this period. It is a complex structure that includes 33 vertebrae, around 150 joints and almost 1000 ligaments. These structures would finally take up the weight of the baby.

2.The arms and legs become rounder and whiter due to accumulation of more fat.

3.The hearing becomes acute now and the baby would be startled by loud noises.

4.The formation of the finest blood vessels, the capillaries takes place during this period.

5.The blood vessels and the air sacs in the lung region also take up significant development in 25 weeks pregnant mothers.

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22 Weeks Pregnant Mom What To Expect